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The U.S. Health Dept. is reconsidering letting gays donate blood

Comic from slapupsidethehead.com

As most know, if you’re a man who has had any sort of sexual contact with another man since 1977, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) says you can’t donate blood. Period. Well thanks to our friends Senator John Kerry and Congressman Mike Quigley, that is being reconsidered.

A press release from John Kerry’s website:

In a question and answer document requested by Senator Kerry and Congressman Quigley, HHS laid out four final areas for additional study needed to implement a policy change.

“We’ve been working on this a long time in a serious way and I’m glad Secretary Sebelius responded with concrete steps to finally remove this policy from the books,” said Sen. Kerry. “HHS is doing their due-diligence and we plan to stay focused on the end game – a safe blood supply and an end to this discriminatory ban.”

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England might sorta, kinda, somewhat lift ban on gay blood donations

Back in the 1980’s at the height of AIDS scare a lifetime ban on blood donations from men who have had oral or anal sex with other men was implemented. Now public health minister Anne Milton is planning on altering the ban, so only men who have had sexual contact with other men more than 10 years ago can donate blood. The ban applies even if you have always used a condom and you test negative for HIV.

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Giraffes and necking can teach us plenty about sex

So I’ve heard about this a few weeks back and I’ve been dying to a blog on it ever since. Did you know that giraffe foreplay (leading up to mounting) is called necking?  I had no idea that the neck of a giraffe is used for casual sexual activity as well as for feeding.  How cool and NATURAL is that?  We could learn a lot from the animal world…

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