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WATCH – QueerMen: Don Loves Rodger

Well well, here we have an interesting remix of Mad Men and what it might be like if Rodger Sterling and Donald Draper were in love.

As  Amanda Marcotte writes, we eat it up when “powerful men run into the walls created by their traditional masculinity.” and “I wanted to tell a story where Don subverts rather than sells traditional maleness to finally give our hero some relief.”

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the sexual tension I’mm feeling from the video?

X-Men First Class is a first rate action film

So David, Nate, and I caught X-Men First Class this afternoon and let me tell you what.  Not only is the film a first-rate action-packed adventure that does a marvelous job of giving us a full and comprehensive look at the dawn of the mutant age; it’s chalked full of hotties.  I shit you not…!
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