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A Week In Reflection

butterfly_wide-991dfa8cf75b175681c5636790d9e1a061d0b412-s18-c85I have to say, it’s been quite a week.  We’ve had “National Coming Out Day”, and”Spirit Day”, plus being October, it’s still National Bullying Prevention Month and LGBT History Month.  We’ve had a major religion still arguing about how to even talk about “them persons”, and plus another state has it’s same-sex marriage ban overturned.  Yet, deep inside, all I can think about, is how all these, lead to and have grown from one thing…being Out. Continue reading

The Vatican | Never A Dull Moment

Evil Thoughts? Who Me?
Evil Thoughts? Who Me?

Earlier this week, our fellow blogger Jim Reeves, brought to our attention, of what was going on during the Synod at the Vatican, of which we know from previous experience, the dialog can get pretty heated, confusing, and rarely delivers on what makes sense and sounds good from their original intent.  So to give you a water downed update on how that dialog is going, here’s what the Associated Press is reporting today….. Continue reading

Oregon Teacher of the Year Bullied by the School District for Being Gay

Bbrett bighamecoming Teacher of the Year would be an incredible honor for any teacher, a high point in a career that is underpaid, highly demanding of time and energy, and under-appreciated. Teaching is not a field where there is normally the expectation that they will climb the corporate ladder, eventually becoming their own version of successful. People go into teaching to help kids and improve the world by educating and helping kids grow and achieve. So when someone gets an honor like Teacher of the Year, it is likely to be an unexpected recognition for a job well done and not something they became a teacher to achieve. Continue reading

Telling Our Story About Coming Out

Artwork from the HRC
Artwork from the HRC

Recently, there has been a lot of conversation about coming out, and for me, a lot of it stems from National Coming Out Day, which seems to inspire people to share what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now.  To talk more about it, I ran across a powerful letter, from a son to his ex-marine father, who for some, reading it might even bring a tear to the eye. Continue reading

The Judge Stephen Reinhardt Legacy

stephenreinhardt_300Most of us remember when Judge Reinhardt voted to strike down California’s Proposition 8.  Now on Tuesday, the 9th Circuit struck down gay marriage bans in both Idaho and Nevada where the decision was written by the judge.  In a lone concurring opinion, he added to the majority opinion, likely to be part of his legacy, the following:

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Breaking News! SCOTUS Just Allowed Gay Marriage In 11 More States By Doing Nothing


How exciting is this, a total surprise.  The country has been moving in a positive direction for some time, and albeit may not be moving fast enough for many, but this surely adds a little more icing to the cake.  I’m also excited for the couples who are parties to these cases, that their wishes are coming thru.   So….today, from Slate, Mark J. Stern, who covers LGBT issues, reports that the Supreme Court has refused to review seven gay marriage cases from five different states.  That decision effectively legalized gay marriage in those five states—Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin—almost immediately. But within the next few weeks, the court’s move will likely bring gay marriage to six more states—meaning that, without actually ruling on the topic, the justices will have brought marriage equality to 11 states in one fell swoop.

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