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I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan, founder and editor of The Dish, made an appearance on Comedy Central and did an interview with Stephen Colbert.  While I have a lot of respect for Andrew Sullivan and all that he’s accomplished as an out gay man I think he’s got it wrong about the resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla.

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Women are like tea bags

So I emailed myself this fragment to my QL inbox because I heard a joke or a funny one-liner that started, “Women are like tea bags…”  For the life of me I can’t remember the joke!  I saw it on TV or maybe in a movie house which is why I emailed it myself so I could post it later.  But alas, too much time has passed and I’ve lost it.  Nate came up with this thought so I thought I’d post it…

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Red State in Favor of Gay Marriage


A red state which just had some drama surrounding their “right to discriminate” bill is showing support for gay marriage. According to a poll conducted this recent Tuesday, 66 percent of Arizona residents disapproved of the anti gay law. Only 22 percent (which is too many in my opinion) showed support for the bill.

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Herald Weekend Post Publishes Image of Gay Wedding


Herald Weekend Post

Okay, you may be thinking that newspapers have been publishing images of gay weddings for quite some time now. You can see it in the New York Times, the Denver post, and the Washington Inquire…but this newspaper is based out of Africa. As many of us know Uganda passed the Anti-Homosexuality bill not that long ago and there is a rising tide of anti-gay sentiment in Africa. But the Herald Weekend Post in Port Elizabeth, South Africa has recently featured a gay couple Case van der Touw, and Shaun Luyt, on the cover. The publication received a large amount of backlash and hate, below are just a few messages they received.

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The Relevance of the Winter of Love to the Entire LGBTIQ Community Today

This week marks the ten-year anniversary of the beginning of San Francisco’s “Winter of Love,” in which 4,037 same-sex couples married at San Francisco City Hall from February 12 to March 11, 2004.  Those extraordinary days took the movement for marriage equality in California to a whole new level and inspired thousands of people to get involved.  We now have the freedom to marry in our state.  What the “Winter of Love” sparked remains highly significant as we continue the struggle for full LGBTIQ equality.

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