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the Bible is not the “word of god” – it’s a collection of myths & legends borrowed from older, earlier cultures
– most of the stuff in the bible either never happened, or didn’t happen the way it’s recorded

the bible ‘canon’  was created by a committee who chose whatever supported their particular agenda

the gospels are not “eye-witness” accounts – they were written much later to be u
sed as propaganda

John Stewart rips Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly for racist Santa statements

Time to feign surprise! Yesterday, Faux News “Anchor” Megyn Kelly made some obscenely racist statements, touting that it is a “verifiable fact” Santa and Jesus were white.

In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue. So here’s John Stewart tearing apart her flimsy arguments in the fantastic way only he can do.



And if you don’t believe that Santa and Jesus are white-ass honkeys then you’re apart of the War On Christmas!

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Book Review – “Killing Jesus”

“Killing Jesus” 
    - Bill O’Reilly
“Killing Jesus” is a book far more interested in glorifying Jesus than presenting honest history. It’s a book attempting to proselytize more than educate.
The surrounding history is done well. When the book isn’t covering Jesus, it provides great information and detail on fascinating characters such as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.
When it comes to other characters, nothing is held back. The uncomfortable details are shared. But with Jesus he is protected.
It’s hard to recommend a book that’s so biased in its portrayal of history. For anyone who decides to read Killing Jesus, my advice is to be aware of what are true accounts of history and what is selective and sugar coated hearsay.

Book review – “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality”

Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church 
In this sure-to-be controversial book, former seminary professor and church official Jack Rogers argues unequivocally for the ordination of homosexuals and for the extension of full and equal rights in society to all people who are homosexual. Christianity, he observes, has moved through history in the direction of ever-greater openness and inclusiveness.

Stop the hate in Minnesota

Apparently there is a storm brewing in Minnesota.  There is a proposed anti-gay amendment on the books and the Minnesota Catholic Conference has publicly thrown their hat in the ring pledging their support in discriminating against us.  The Minnesota Catholic Conference is teaming up with the homophobic National Organization for Marriage to help spread their campaign of hate, evil, and intolerance.  Click the link below to read more about what’s going on in Minnesota…

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Actions speak louder than words

I can tell you that I love you ten times a day every day for a week.  I can tell you I love you when you wake up, at lunch, and when we go to bed at night.  I can spell it in the clouds or I can tattoo it on my forehead.  I can even shout it from the highest rooftop; but if I push you down a flight of stairs, it really doesn’t make a difference what I say now does it?

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