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YouTube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community!

YouTube has launched their #ProudToLove campaign, highlighting videos from the It Gets Better campaign, coming out videos, marriage proposals, and the many, many, LGBT creators that are on YouTube. If you’re into watching videos on YouTube, I highly suggest checking it out!

Periodic Political Post

Queer News

  • Thailand considers civil union bill; would be first country in Asia
  • It does get better for gay teens with age a new study suggests
  • Gay-hating Pope Benedict XVI is resigning at the end of February
  • Video touting ex-gay therapy was shown in some US classrooms

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City and Mayor of Dallas Release “It Gets Better” Video

This is definitely one of those situations where late is infinitely better than never.

The City of Dallas released a touching, 13 minute video through the Dallas Voice. City employees share their personal journeys, their tragedies and their triumphs, as a contribution to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better Project. The video also directs at-risk LGBT youth to the Trevor Project.

In a welcome shift, Mayor Mike Rawlings makes an appearance. He uses the opportunity to brag about the city’s diversity, the government’s inclusive policies, and general welcoming attitude. As I’ve mentioned previously, Rawlings has a mixed record on equality, and when he has fallen short it has typically been his unwillingness to make public stands. Hopefully this signals a real change for Rawlings, and he will use 2013 to clarify that Dallas is more like Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, and nothing like Rick Perry.

Watch the video here.

The Adventure Of Ms. M and Casting The Ballot Of The Winning President

Good Election Evening!

I just thought I would share with you my little interesting and ironically funny, kind of embarrassing experience in voting tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, in two acts You ready?

( opening scene – a mountian view in a city in Utah)

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