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Soccer player punished for victory fingering

When a team wins a game, it’s common place for team members to slap each others’ butts and give out pats on the back, but when defender Mohammed Nosrati of the Iran Persepolis got a couple fingers a little too far up teammate’s Sheis Rezaei shorts, all hell breaks loose.

After Nosrati got caught with his finger in the cookie jar, and Rezaei caught with his hand on some buns, the two players have been fined £25,000 (nearly $40,000) each and ” banned indefinitely from all football activities for committing immoral acts,” according to BBC News.

Seems quite excessive for someone who is just really enthusiastic about sharing his happiness on the field!

Let your vision be world embracing

Two years I was hanging out in San Francisco for Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and I saw this on a wall in the hotel I was staying at.  I had to stop and take note of it and it’s been prattling around in my head off and on ever since.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot this last week…

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Iran hangs three men for sodomy with convicted rapists

AFP/File, Behrouz Mehri

Six men were executed by hanging in a prison just outside the city of Ahvaz early Sunday morning. Two were convicted rapists, one a drug trafficker, and the last three were found guilty of committing “forbidden acts against religion,”. Under Articles 108 and 110 of the Iranian Islamic Penal Code, the punishment for “Hadd” or as the west calls it, sodomy, is death.

Article 108 says: “Sodomy (or Lavat) is sexual intercourse between men”, and article 110 says: ”Punishment for sodomy is killing; the Sharia judge decides on how to carry out the killing”.

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Queer Cairo?

With all of the historic events that have taken place in Egypt over the last two months it has reminded me of the global potential of our project.  Do you really believe there are no gays in Africa or in Iran? We added another great domain name to our portfolio two weeks ago and we’re pretty excited about it…

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