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GX: Everyone Games (formerly GaymerX) lives to see another year!


Gay gamers convention formally known as GaymerX, is alive and kicking under their new name, GX3: Everyone Games! GX3 will stay in the Bay Area, and will still focus on attracting and creating a safe place for all LGBTQIA gamers to get together and have some fun.

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I must admit this stuck in my head. The more important thing is the message about being different, whether you are queer, intersex, or some other identity. Different is good, though the world often doesn’t see it that way. I just saw the movie The Giver which has a similar theme, that of the perils of attempting to embrace perfection and sameness and vilifying diversity. It’s definitely worth seeing and it’s a message much needed in our world.

Gay rights around the world

ilga gay rights map 05-14

So I happened to come across this cool map today from ILGA.  Upon further examination I thought I’d post it and share a little bit about a new organization I learned about today.

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Super Queer!


Did you know that Toronto Pride refers to their annual celebration as Super Queer!?  I didn’t.  I came across their website this week poking around for Pride celebrations to promote and blog about.  I found this and I just had to post it!

Click the link below to find out more about Pride in Toronto…

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Pride around the world

Did you know there is an international association for pride organizers?  I didn’t until today.  How freaking cool is that!?  I’m a big, big fan of pride celebrations.  I believe in public pride.  I believe celebrating our sexuality and diversity is important and does a lot of social good in the world.  I’m not talking about sex in the streets I’m talking about dancing in the streets!  Click the link below to read more about this great international organization.

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