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Symantec Drops Sexual Orientation Filter

Symantec no longer thinks non-explicit LGBTQ content needs to be filtered.
Symantec no longer thinks non-explicit LGBTQ content needs to be filtered.

I can remember, not too long ago in high school during the surge of computer availability, one of the near impossible things to do was get past the school imposed internet security filters.  So anytime you wanted to get an answer or research LBGT life, you were blocked because the filter wasn’t set to separate porn from safe sites such as the HRC, Gladd, or Glsen.  According to an AP article, Symantec isn’t the first internet security company to do this, but jumping on board is still a welcomed move.  Here’s a statement from Symantec after the jump.

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Ellen Page comes out with lovely speech


Ellen Page is best known for her roles in Juno and Inception. Friday, Page attended HRC’s Las Vegas conference for teens. In a crowded room Page proceeded to say “I’m here today because I am gay. And because maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility.”

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Why you should get a pair of Vibram FiveFingers.


Okay, so if there was a chance if I could marry my Vibram FiveFingers (AKA toe shoes), I just might. I love them so much, I have to share that love with all of you. The model I have (pictured above) are the KSO Trek, they’re made out of Kangaroo leather and are more comfortable than they have a right to be.

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Weird Al Yankovic donates proceeds from Gaga parody to HRC


At a signing for his new book, My Teacher and Me!, activist Jeff 4 Justice asked “Weird Al” what inspired him to donate the proceeds from his parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way to the Human Rights Organization, and when he got back was a pretty great answer.

Said Weird Al:

Born This Way’ is such a positive song I felt *this* bad about doing a parody of it and I wanted to show that my heart was in the right place. I wasn’t making fun of the cause, or concept, or anything like that. It was all in good fun and I thought that by donating to the HRC that would show that it was all in good fun.”

You can watch Jeff’s interview with Weird Al, and Weird Al’s parody Perform This Way after the jump!

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