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Who Told You That You Are Naked?

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran
Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran

Catchy title right?  So it seems Kelvin Cochran, Atlanta GA’s Fire Chief thinks so too.  But not so for Mayor Kasim Reed, who has suspended the chief for 30 days without pay, after city officials say he violated policy by self-publishing a book that describes homosexuality as a “perversion.”

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China's Hunan province May 17, 2013. Photo/AFP/Getty Images
China’s Hunan province May 17, 2013. Photo/AFP/Getty Images, anti-discrimination march.

I discovered recently, that it seems like China isn’t quite ready to ban gay conversion therapy, even thou in 1997 the government decriminalized homosexuality and in 2001, removed homosexuality as a mental illness.

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Canada: Faith-based law school will not receive accreditation.


Canada, if I loved you any more I would have to be a citizen! You, with your sensible laws, healthcare, and recognition of discrimination. Here’s the latest awesome thing they have done, the Law Society of British Columbia voted not to give accreditation to a faith-based law school Trinity Western University because of their position on homosexuality.

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The Bible does not condemn homosexuality

The Bible does not condemn homosexuality – that idea is a misinterpretation and a complete misunderstanding of what was originally meant – if you examine the Hebrew & Greek texts, and consider the culture, time & place they were written, it’s not about gays at all.

The Bible has been used to justify slavery, inquisitions, apartheid and the subjugation of women. Now read what the bible really says about homosexuality !

A Great Sermon (by a Southerner!) in Support of Us

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/91714837]I’m not gonna lie about this. I wasn’t so sure of what I was going to hear when I started this video. Would he be like many other pastors and slam us, say we’re going to hell, and talk about our so-called perversions? Would he try to save our souls (because, of course, it’s impossible to be gay AND Christian, right?!)? But I decided to suspend my doubt and fear and give it a listen…and I”m so glad I did. It’s so insightful and makes some points I hadn’t thought of or heard before. And-get this.  He is not only a Southerner (Birmingham, AL) but also a traditional Christian (Methodist). This sermon was a delightful surprise. My thanks go out to Wade Griffith, the pastor, for making this video accessible to me…and for giving me a little bit of faith in Christians…and Southerners!  :-) http://vimeo.com/91714837

BOOK REVIEW – “What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality”

As Father Helminiak points out, the Bible has no concept of homosexuality, which is a modern concept and word. What one can study is what the Bible says about what we would class as some forms of homosexual behavior. But the biblical authors lacked the concept, and so could not classify anything as homosexual. Therefore, there can be no general condemnation of homosexual behavior (our concept) in the Bible, like it or not. That’s the fact.

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