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Philadelphia: Giovanni’s Room, the nation’s oldest LGBT bookstore, is closing its doors


Giovanni’s Room is the nation’s oldest LGBT bookstore, and this piece of LGBT history will be closing its doors next month, May 17th.

Here’s the story from Philadelphia Gay News:

Ed Hermance, who has owned the store for 38 years, announced his plans for retirement in the fall, planning to sell both the business and the two buildings it encompasses. He announced a potential sale agreement several weeks ago, but told PGN this week the buyer could not come up with enough money to finalize the sale.

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Why You Should Drink Sierra Nevada Beer


I was in Chico for my birthday last weekend when I had heard Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. was doing free tours. Sierra Nevada being one of my favorite breweries, I jumped at the opportunity.

They say the tour is about an hour and a half, but it ended up being closer to the two-hour mark. It. Was. Fantastic! Sierra Nevada is the second largest craft brewery right behind Samuel Adams. Right now, every beer you see from Sierra Nevada comes from the brewery in Chico. However that may soon change, as Sierra Nevada is getting ready to expand along the East Coast with by opening a second brewery in North Carolina.

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Gay history month 2013 icons announced

Equality Forum announced the 31 Icons for LGBT History Month 2013. The 2013 website is online at http://www.lgbthistorymonth.com/.

“In its 8th year, there are 248 Icons with resources archived on the site, making LGBT History Month the free go-to site for LGBT role models, civil rights history, and our national and international impact,” stated Malcolm Lazin, Executive Director, Equality Forum and founder of LGBT History Month.

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President Obama Responds to White House Petitions for Gun Control


Almost immediately after the news broke out of the shooting in Newtown, a We the People petition was created. For We the People petitions, only 25,000 signatures are required to force the White House to respond to the issue. This petition garnered over 190,000 signatures, and rightly so. Earlier today President Obama addressed the petition in a YouTube video, telling us “We hear you,” and is calling congress to take action.

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California Referendum on LGBT History Bill is a no-go!

Waa! Waa! I can’t force my beliefs on you! Waaa!

Great news! Those wishing to repeal California’s SB 48, a bill that requires schools to also teach LGBT history have failed to gather enough signatures to put it to a vote reports Mercury News.

Pacific Justice Institute lawyer Kevin Snider said the Stop SB48 campaign did not gather enough signatures by Monday’s deadline to put an initiative on the 2014 ballot that would exclude sexual minorities from the list of groups whose roles in history and social science schools must teach. Snider estimates that the all-volunteer petition circulating effort, which focused largely on churches, collected about 446,000 signatures out of the 504,760 required.

SB 48 officially went into effect in January, however most school districts have yet to implement it. Better keep an eye out for it this upcoming school year.