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Queer protest scheduled in New York


New York, NY — On Thursday May 16, during the New York Knicks’ game, Queer Rising — a grassroots organization created to demand full equality for all queer people through nonviolent direct action — will sponsor Queers Take Back the Night: A Rallied Response to Dual Hate-Crimes, a rally and march in response to recent anti-gay hate crimes in the Madison Square Garden area.

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5 Arrested/Identified in Texas for Anti-Gay Graffiti

After a string of ant-gay vandalism hit an Arlington, Texas neighborhood police have confirmed they have one of the suspects in custody, and have identified four others. All suspects are teenagers from 16-18 years old. Additionally, all suspects well be charged with a hate crime. The other four are expected to be in custody soon, and will be charged between $1,500 – $20,000 for the graffiti.

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Check out Equality Maps powered by MAP

Equality Maps provide quick and easy summaries of laws that affect LGBT Americans on a state-by-state and issue-by-issue basis. The maps present information on laws in areas from employment discrimination and relationship recognition to hate crimes protections and anti-bullying laws.  Click on the image below to check out this great resource.

 I have long been a big fan of this site and organization.  They do great work and research and I’ve been promoting and blogging about them even before they became one of our sponsors!  :-)

Lesbian couple come home to find ‘Kill The Gay’ graffitied on garage, noose on doorstep

Aimee Whitchurch and her partner Christel Conklin of Parker, Colorado were not expecting to find “kill the gay” spray painted on their garage door when coming home last Friday. After chalking it up to neighborhood kids, they took the threat seriously after finding a noose on their doorstep the next day.

In an interview with KWGN, Whitchurch said “You get words like ‘homos’ or ‘you’re going to burn in hell’ and things of that nature, but ‘kill the gay?’ That’s a threat against our lives so it was overwhelming,” Whitecurch continues, “The noose is where it really became shocking and scary”.

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In honor of Jamey Rodemeyer, watch the “It Gets Better” video he made before ending his own life

In honor of Jamey Rodemeyer, watch the “It Gets Better” video he made before ending his own life.

Read more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/8779672/Boy-14-found-dead-over-gay-bullying.html and http://abcnews.go.com/Health/gay-buffalo-teen-commits-suicide-eve-national-bullying/story?id=14571861

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Pb1CaGMdWk]

PHOTO: Jamey Rodemeyer, 14, was found dead outside his home of an apparent suicide.

Trial finally underway for 2008 murder of Lawrence King

Brian McInerney left, Lawrence King right

In 2008 14 year-old Brian McInerney decided he couldn’t stand the gay kid in his class, so he shot 15 year-old Lawrence King twice in the back of the head with a .22-caliber handgun in front of the other 24 students in class. All of this happened at E.O. Green Junior High School.

Now Brian McInerney is 17, and after years of postponing, will finally stand trail for the murder of his fellow classmate. If convicted, McInerney can face 53 years to life in prison. However, McInerney is trying to wesale his way out with voluntary manslaughter, because he was “provoked” by King’s sexual advances.

From the LA Times:

Prosecutor Maeve Fox says she will outline a straightforward case in opening arguments set to begin Tuesday in a Chatsworth courtroom. The Oxnard teenager carefully planned and carried out the Feb. 12, 2008, execution of his eighth-grade classmate, she said. He brought a gun to school, positioned himself directly behind King during a morning computer class and fired twice into the back of the 15-year-old’s head.

McInerney then dropped the gun and walked out the door in front of two dozen horrified classmates and a teacher, Fox says.

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Gay soldiers in Colorado ambushed


It saddens me to share a story about hate and abuse on a day that celebrates freedom and individuality, but it must be shared.

A group of Army soldiers stationed in Fort Carson, were attacked early Saturday morning when a single person in a group of black males picked on one of the soldiers calling him a “faggot”, once things had escalated to shoving, the soldiers tried to leave but were jumped outside in the parking lot.

More from KOAA-TV.

Fagbug: A girl and her vandalized car



Back in 2007 Erin Davis’ 2002 VW Bug was vandalized, with the words “u r gay” and “fag” spray painted across the hood and window. Instead of trying to wash it off and getting the car repainted, Erin decided to embrace what happened and make a statement about it. She took her “fagbug” around the states and made a documentary out of her journey.  You can watch her whole documentary on Hulu here.