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I got mine

Have you got yours?  How cool would it be if we made this one of the biggest selling stamps in history!?  They come in sheets of 20 for $9.95 so I bought 5.  :-P

Preorder available for Harvey Milk Forever Stamps!


Earlier this month the Harvey Milk Forever stamp was revealed, and now it is available for preorder from the United States Postal Service! The stamp officially goes on sale May 22.

I know what you’re thinking, “Cool, but stamps? I have no use for stamps.” Well you know how you felt receiving an email back in the early 90’s? Well that’s how people feel today receiving letters! Did you interview fora job recently? Use a Harvey Milk Forever Stamp to send a thank you card!  Potential employers love thank you cards.

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The official Harvey Milk Stamp has been revealed!

Click to embiggen!

This is some exciting news that Queer Landia has been following for quite some time.  The Harvey Milk Stamp has been a long time coming (2009), and thanks to Linn Stamp News, the official look of the stamp has been released!


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Wentworth Miller comes out and takes stand on Russian proganda law

Hunky and sexy Wentworth Miller (formerly of Prison Break) came out of the closet and took a stand against Russian hate and discrimination in a letter to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival.

wentworth miller comes out

Miller disclosed he was gay and used that as his rationale to decline an invitation to attend the festival.  Miller cited the political climate and recent law targeting gays and lesbian as his reason to stay away.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

HIV negative

I just watched the most compelling 60 minutes segment on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and all the fascinating work they are doing all over the world.  I’m literally speechless.  I’ve been very aware of Bill Gates and his move from Corporate America to the altruistic work he’s been doing to conquer treatable sickness and disease in third world counties.  This updated 60 Minutes piece I watched just jarred me all over again.

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SF Gay Men’s Chorus celebrates the end of Prop 8

Inside San Francisco’s City Hall, beautiful!

Harvey Milk International Airport is a no-go.


There is good news and bad news, so here’s the bad news first. A little while ago it looked like smooth-sailing to rename the San Francisco International Airport the Harvey Milk International Airport. Bad news is Supervisor David Campos caved decided not to pursue that idea once a few politicians some of the pubic opposed the project.

The good news is Campos plans to introduce an ordinance that will establish a committee who will recommend which of SFO’s four terminals will be named after Harvey Milk.

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