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Grindr reactivates distance feature for most users

grindr_logoGrindr users in the United States and other western countries have had the distance feature of the gay hook-up and social app restored.  After reports that the app could be manipulated to determine the exact location of a user, Grindr disabled the capability.  In order to protect users in locations where they could be at risk of arrest or violence if discovered, Grindr has deactivated the distance display, and taken steps to prevent the ability to triangulate user’s locations from the app.  Other users have had the feature reactivated.

Grindr’s blog has posted the following information:

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Grindr disables distance feature amid safety concerns

grindr_logo The gay hookup app Grindr has disabled the distance feature amid concerns that a recently published exploit could allow the exact location of users to be determined.  Although the feature only listed the distance to another user, but no direction, it became known that it was possible to pinpoint someone’s location using the application.  Concern was immediately expressed for users in places where being gay can get you arrested and killed.  (One hopes the 134 users in North Korea are all secret police, and that they will spend their time chasing each other!)

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The new Gay.com

gay dot com logo

So Gay.com recently underwent yet another overhaul and since Grinder openly discriminates and hates on the Windows Phone platform, I’ve had the opportunity to join and take it out for a spin over the last month.  Here is my P.O.P. (positive-opportunity-positive) of the new site.

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Profiles – important photo tips

Grindr. Scruff. Hornet. Mister. Jack’d. Adam4Adam. etc. etc. etc.

Gay men, here are a few important tips for your “dating” profile pictures.  If taken in your bedroom, close the closet doors.  We don’t need to see all the stuff piled in there.  Pick up all the clothes laying helter-skelter around the room.  Make your bed.  (remember, you have the fashion and decorating stereotypes to uphold!)

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The gays break Grindr in London

I think they should make “shagging” an Olympic sport.  Here’s a great story that got lost in the Chik-fil-A storylines this week:  The popular gay “dating” site Grindr was inundated with user demand over the weekend and the sharp traffic spikes crashed the site.  Sources say the crash coincided with the arrival of Olympic athletes.  How freaking cool is that!?

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