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Technology’s Rainbow Connection

Photo by Noah Berger, Reuters
Photo by Noah Berger, Reuters

Hardly a day goes by anymore, that a positive LBGT story, article or report doesn’t get presented by some form of the media, and to think, it hasn’t been that long ago, when all I seemed to hear or read was either negative or heartbreaking.  That said, I’m not saying they no longer exist, I’m just saying, I get a mental uplift more often than I used to, as is the case for the recently held 2014 San Francisco Pride Event, where Silicon Valley connects with Pride…

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I HEART GOOGLE !!!!!!!!!!

Ya’ll need to Google’s home page right now. How AWESOME is this?!!!!!!!!!!

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Who do you prefer?!

I love my Windows phone, but I’ve been a supporter of Google (mostly) from the beginning. Also I’m a sucker for good commercials. Which do you like better?

Here’s To Moms! A message from Google


Mother’s day is coming up fast everyone, and from The New Yorker to Google, big businesses are saluting all different types of mothers in our lives. In Google’s own 1 minute video celebrating Mother’s Day, they dug through the archive to find the most aww-inducing clips with mothers they could find. I’m happy to say they included a clip from the first video a lesbian couple did with their newborn, and a clip of YouTuber Mallow610 (Daniel) coming out to his mom. Both are some super heartwarming videos. Check them out after the jump!

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