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the Bible is not the “word of god” – it’s a collection of myths & legends borrowed from older, earlier cultures
- most of the stuff in the bible either never happened, or didn’t happen the way it’s recorded

the bible ‘canon’  was created by a committee who chose whatever supported their particular agenda

the gospels are not “eye-witness” accounts – they were written much later to be u
sed as propaganda

Pennsylvania pastor pushes back against church bigotry in defense of gay marriage

The same jury of pastors that convicted Rev. Frank Schaefer of breaking his vows suspended him from his ministerial duties for 30 days Tuesday.

SPRING CITY, PA. —  Frank Schaefer gets to keep calling himself a Methodist pastor — at least for the next 30 days.

The United Methodist clergyman convicted of breaking church law for officiating at his son’s same-sex wedding was suspended late Tuesday, and ordered by a jury of his fellow pastors to surrender his credentials in a month if he can’t bring himself to adhere to the laws of the church’s Book of Discipline.

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Atheist FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.
• Why do you not believe in God?
o There is no credible evidence, just like there is no evidence for Gods you
don’t believe in (Thor, Zeus, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc).

• Where do your morals come from?
o A combination of life experience, family, human nature, and the good
sense to treat others the way I would like to be treated.

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BOOK REVIEW – “What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality”

As Father Helminiak points out, the Bible has no concept of homosexuality, which is a modern concept and word. What one can study is what the Bible says about what we would class as some forms of homosexual behavior. But the biblical authors lacked the concept, and so could not classify anything as homosexual. Therefore, there can be no general condemnation of homosexual behavior (our concept) in the Bible, like it or not. That’s the fact.

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Pastor Joel Osteen opens up about God and homosexuality

The mega-church pastor insists that God ‘accepts you, he approves of you.’ And when pressed during a recent interview if that included gay people, the televangelist offered a surprising answer.   
“I’m not trying to get them to join my religion, I’m just trying to plant a seed of hope in their heart.”

Book review – “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality”

Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church 
In this sure-to-be controversial book, former seminary professor and church official Jack Rogers argues unequivocally for the ordination of homosexuals and for the extension of full and equal rights in society to all people who are homosexual. Christianity, he observes, has moved through history in the direction of ever-greater openness and inclusiveness.