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I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan, founder and editor of The Dish, made an appearance on Comedy Central and did an interview with Stephen Colbert.  While I have a lot of respect for Andrew Sullivan and all that he’s accomplished as an out gay man I think he’s got it wrong about the resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla.

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Red State in Favor of Gay Marriage


A red state which just had some drama surrounding their “right to discriminate” bill is showing support for gay marriage. According to a poll conducted this recent Tuesday, 66 percent of Arizona residents disapproved of the anti gay law. Only 22 percent (which is too many in my opinion) showed support for the bill.

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“Next Fall” upcoming show at Triangle Productions

Portland Queers…triangle! Productions is putting on a very timely and relevant show in March. You would be wise to make it a priority!  :-)

(Reblog from PDX Q CENTER)

Triangle Productions! Presents: “Last Fall” – Discounted Tickets Available to Q Center Supporters


Now in their 24th season, our friends over at triangle productions! are back with the 2010 Tony Nominated Play “Next Fall” March 13th-April 6th — and they are offering a discount to all Q Center supporters!

Click HERE for tickets and click the link below for more info.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is falling flat


So I started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine last week and I was mildly impressed with the pilot episode.  I was further intrigued when they introduced the precinct captain as an out gay man.  I just finished the sixth episode and the last three episodes haven’t been nearly as interesting, funny, as the first three.

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