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For The Love Of Bacon

Bacon Lube-Leaves You  Squealing With Pleasure

Bacon Lube-Leaves You
Squealing With Pleasure

Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!  Everybody loves bacon (well almost everybody), and to add to our collection of sexual enjoyableness, I discovered this…

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Mills College Makes History

Mills Hall, Mills College, Oakland, CA

This all girls school isn’t afraid of change. For the first time in the schools 162 year history they will be accepting applications from individuals who identify as female. This California based college recently changed their admissions policy allowing for more applicants to apply. They are now saying that anyone who falls under the umbrella of self identification as a women is now allowed to attend the university. Those assigned female at birth but who transition to male while enrolled will also not reportedly be asked to leave the university.

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Video | How Not To React When Your Child Tells You He’s Gay

Depression by Pipsrose DeviantArt

Depression by Pipsrose

Yesterday, I discovered a video that seems to be making the web-rounds recently, which reveals how tragic this 20 year old’s life had become during a hidden camera conversation, on telling his parents that he was gay.  The reaction from the family, at least for me, was almost unbelievable, the screaming and physical violence can make it hard to watch. especially if events like this trigger emotions you wouldn’t want to relive at this time.  Please think about that before you hit the play button.

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Billy Crystal pays tribute to Robin Williams at the Emmys

So I think this will be my last official post on QL about Robin Williams.  He’s been put to rest and with everything in me I hope he finds the peace that escaped him here.  I missed the Emmys this year but I heard there was this tribute.  I watched it and I decided I wanted to post it along with some of my final thoughts…

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Windy City Judges Hear Indiana & Wisconsin Marriage Equality Cases

Judge Richard Posner

Judge Richard Posner

This last Tuesday, in a Chicago courtroom, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals would decide whether or not to uphold lower court rulings that, Wisconsin’s voter-approved constitutional amendment, and Indiana’s statutes, are unconstitutional.  Led by Judge Richard Posner, a Republican Appointee,  who has an unapologetic bias toward reality and logic, when posing questions at lawyers for Wisconsin and Indiana attempted to defend their state’s marriage bans, Posner issued a series of bench slaps that unmasked anti-gay arguments as the silly nonsense that they are. There is no doubt that I’m becoming very fond of the 7th Circuit.

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So Costco rolled out a low calorie version of their pre-mixed margarita. I gave it a try a couple weeks ago and it’s made the cut for happy hour!

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Police stating in Limerick, Ireland will fly rainbow flag during Pride Parade!


Henry Street Garda Station in Limerick will fly the rainbow flag during the Limerick Pride Festival! Photo via Irish Times

Now here is a police force who care about their fellow citizens! The Henry Street Garda station will be the first Grada station (police station) to fly a rainbow flag in all of the Republic of Ireland!

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