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Conservative Jews give OK to same-sex wedding guidelines

This is some great news! From the Associated Press:

The Conservative branch of American Judaism has formally approved same-sex marriage ceremonies, nearly six years after lifting a ban on ordaining gays and lesbians.

The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards issued the ruling Thursday on a 13-0 vote with one abstention, said Rabbi Elliot Dorff, the committee chairman. The panel of scholars approved two model wedding ceremonies and guidelines for a same-sex divorce. Rabbis can adapt the marriage ceremonies for the couples.

“We acknowledge that these partnerships are distinct from those discussed in the Talmud as ‘according to the law of Moses and Israel,’ but we celebrate them with the same sense of holiness and joy as that expressed in heterosexual marriages,” the legal opinion states.

Mazel tov!

Denmark to approve gay weddings in church – The Washington Post

It looks like the Denmark government wants to push for even more equality by allowing same-sex couples to get married in a church. While I think this is wonderful, I don’t ever want our government to get involved with our churches here in America. I love the fact that we (mostly) keep our religion and government separated. I mean, really, if the Christians can’t even agree on what the bible is telling us, why would we want our government to add yet another definition? Besides, who wants that many indecisive people in our government?

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Denmark’s government wants to allow same-sex couples to get married in formal church weddings, instead of the short blessing ceremonies that the state Lutheran Church currently offers.

The government said Wednesday it’s preparing to launch a proposal in February to change Denmark’s marriage laws.

via Denmark to approve gay weddings in church – The Washington Post.