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Willamette Kicker is the First Active College Football Player to Come Out

Photo: Conner Mertens.
Photo: Conner Mertens.

More and more, we see pro athletes, active and retired, taking a stand and coming out.  Now, a new trend may be starting in college sports.  Take the case of Conner Mertens, from Willamette University.

“You can still be an athlete and you can still be one of the guys, he said.”

With the announcement of his bisexuality, Conner Mertens, a freshman kicker for the Willamette University football team, has become the first active college player to come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Mertens made the announcement this week during a press conference at Sparks Athletic Center at the Oregon campus.

“I want to end stereotypes and stigmas that go along with what it means to like the same-sex, or be attracted to the same-sex,” Mertens told the assembled press on Tuesday, surrounded by his supportive teammates and his coach, Glen Fowles.

Last week the 19-year-old athlete told Fowles he has a boyfriend, and on Monday, Mertens handed out a typed announcement to his teammates in the Willamette University men’s locker room. Former NFL player Wade Davis was there to discuss the announcement with the team, who reportedly responded favorably.

“I’m just hoping to let people know you can still be an athlete and you can still be one of the guys,” Mertens said, “even if you’re into guys.”

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What’s Up in Philly?

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