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Conspiracy Time: Westboro Baptist Cult really Dem. Liberals in disguise!

westboro.protest.whorehouseI know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. Three days ago the Westboro Baptist Church sent out their newsletter letting all of their followers know “God willing” they will be picketing the “Ivy League Whorehouse” that is Vassar College on February 28th.

Here’s what happened next: The students decided to create a fundraiser for the Trevor Project, with a modest goal of $4,500, or $100 per minute that Westboro plan to protest the campus. Just three days later, the students have raised over $59,000!

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WATCH: Mitt Romney candidly puts his foot in mouth.

Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Oh look, there he is! Being blatantly honest about what he really thinks of 47% of Americans to a group of millionaires. Does he not know he’s talking to Republicans when he say’s that? The largest welfare states are Republican states!

Watch Rachel Maddow tear this little clip of his speech apart after the jump.

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