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State Fair Nom Noms

When I was a little “m,”  it was a big deal to go to the fair.  At school, we used to sing a silly song ” We’re going to the country, we’re going to the fair, we’re going to see the bearded lady dressed in purple underwear…” I know, I know … “?huh?” Continue reading

i hit send or modern meltdown (text version)

Nathan Simpson:

Let the smiles and fun from the man performing this piece put a smile on your face! The interplay with the audience is one of my favorite aspects. Really good stuff right here!

Well it seems the video in the reblog isn’t working, here it is again.

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Phoenix Art Museum has got it going on!


Last weekend I took a quick get-away weekend vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. I know what you’re thinking, Phoenix  of all places?! Well, let me tell you, I would do it again. And a big reason for that is the Phoenix Art Museum! Coming from the Bay Area, I would put the Phoenix Art Museum right up there with SFMOMA and the de Young museum!
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National Hamburger Day

The hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany and has become an American
favorite.  I bet you there isn’t a place in the US of A that someone can’t get a good burger.

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Don’t believe everything you hear today…


National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

ImageToday is National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day. In 1920, an insurance salesman named Harry Baker invented this light and fluffy cake. Harry sold his cakes in LA to the Derby restaurant. Guarding this gem of a recipe for over twenty years, Harry decide to finally sell the recipe to General Mills.


Photo courtesy of Cdkitchen.com

A Moment In Paris

It is my dream to one day go to Paris. To take in all the sights and sit at a cafe and sip on espresso while I sketch the scenery. But… for now I can have a moment in Paris on a winter’s night Par l’assiette(la plaque.) ” by the plate.” Continue reading