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Macklemore plugs for ACLU Card


I understand what the ACLU is trying to do here, and I always appreciate Macklemore sticking up for civil rights, but I’m not too sure how I feel about the ACLU equating “freedom” with their card, like “freedom” is a product that can only be bought with their card.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the ACLU does some pretty freaking amazing things, and much like Batman fights for the downtrodden, but I don’t feel the best about the ad. The sentiment is there, not a fan of the language.

Edit: Of course, I could also be taking it all a little too serious.

Bill for state sponsored religion dies in North Carolina

north.carolinaIt seems someone in North Carolina still has some sense left in them, because a bill that would declare Christianity as the official religion of North Carolina was declared dead, and thankfully this one won’t rise from the grave in three days, ABC News reports.

North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis’ office said Thursday that a resolution asserting North Carolina has the power to set an official state religion is dead, and won’t go any further. Continue reading

Marriage equality update from New Zealand!

kiwiNew Zealand, the most free country in the world and America’s favorite location for movies, already has civil unions that provides many of the same legal protections that marriage does. However, full same-sex marriage may be there soon! New Zealand overwhelmingly passed a same-sex marriage bill in a 77-44 vote on Wednesday. It was the second of three votes that must pass in order for the bill to be approved, and as the AP notes, the second vote is the most crucial with the third usually being just a formality.

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Must We Tolerate Intolerance?

Photo: thefbomb.org

I recently griped in a comment on another Queerlandia blog about Kirk Cameron’s recent anti-gay outburst (and the subsequent anti-Kirk one) that it chaps my hide when a certain brand of cultural conservative rails at length on TV or in print against gays (or immigrants or women or the working class) and then cries foul when there is a backlash.  “I have the freedom of speech!” they cry.  “So much for tolerance.”  The implication being, Gotcha, Lefties!  For if we were truly as tolerant as we sanctimoniously claim to be, we would be forced by our own beliefs to embrace their intolerance, and we don’t, so who’s the hypocrite now? Continue reading