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Levis releases LGBT Pride clothing line!



Levis, one of America’s best known clothing companies, has just released their Pride clothing line to select stores throughout the country. If you want to pick up Levis Pride shirts, hats, or Levis’ logo in rainbow, you’ll have to pick them up from select stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Proceeds from the sales of the new fan-tabulous collection will go to benefit local LGBT advocacy organizations!

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How to talk to your kids about Michael Sam

Michael Sam is now the first openly gay player in the NFL. In that beautiful and emotional moment after getting the call from the St. Louis Rams, he kissed and hugged his boyfriend, and ESPN showed it live on national television. Now your kids have seen it, and they have some questions.

Here’s an easy guide how you can talk to your son or daughter about Michael Sam.

Also if you really like, you can buy his jersey from the NFL shop.

Jason Collins makes his debut as the first active and out NBA player!

At the end of the season last year, Jason Collins did an extremely brave thing and came out of the closet. Since coming out he has been a free agent, ready to be picked up by a team.  Now, almost five months into the regular season, his time as a free agent came to an end when the Brooklyn Nets, who have been struggling all season, signed him to a 10 day contract!

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ESPN surveys NFL player’s comfort level with openly gay player

From left to right: Wade Davis, Dave Kopay, Michael Sam, Chris Kluwe, Billy Bean, Brendon Anyanbadejo. (Photo by Cyd Zeigler)

espn.surveyIn response to all of the coverage about Michael Sam, the guy who in all likelihood will be the first openly gay player in the National Football League, NFL Nation and ESPN Magazine surveyed 51 anonymous players in the NFL gauging their level of comfort with an openly gay player. The results are much what one would expect: 

Although the survey showed that most players aren’t concerned with another’s sexual orientation, it also made clear the concerns that players would have with learning how to relate to an openly gay teammate.

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Milestone for sports, every NHL team represented in You Can Play Project

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports Images

Somehow, this little bit of information slipped under my radar! With the addition of Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog, every team in the National Hockey League has been represented in the You Can Play Project. That makes the NHL the first sports league to support LGBT rights all across the board! 

It’s no big surprise the NHL is the first sports league to claim this award, as it was only April of last year when the NHL Players Association partnered with You Can Play Project. 

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What I’m looking forward to most in 2014


Is, wait for it, 3D printed livers! I know! Holy bananas! One 3D printing company, Organovo, has already had much success getting liver samples to last for as long as 40 days, and with the 3D printing tech improving all the time, the chances of them actually producing the first working 3D printed human liver in 2014 isn’t too far-fetched.

Here’s the details as told by NBC News:

Placed in a standard Petri-dish culture, Organovo’s Murphy explained, liver cells will “stop functioning like the liver after 48 hours.” Using its 3-D printing technique, Organovo was able to get its liver samples to last for 40 days. This allows researchers to measure subtler and longer-term effects of drugs on the liver. Continue reading