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Pretty but fake. Kinda like some queers I’ve known. Dooohhhh!  :-P

Satire: “Adele” trashes Newt Gingrich during Grammy Awards

This is hi-larious! Adele, someone who sounds a lot like Adele, puts Newt Gingrich on blast so hard he’s  likely to end up on the moon any moment now.

Again no Adele didn’t sing this during a commercial break at the 2012 Grammy Awards, but don’t let that hinder your enjoyment of the song!

Lesbian Syrian blogger – one big hoax

The internet is a buzz with the fact that the Gay Girl in Damascus blog is just a hoax. If you haven’t heard, it was written by a man named Tom McMaster who lives in the United States and created for the purpose of trying to get his comments about issues noticed. Here’s a piece of the apology letter:

I didn’t mean to harm anyone who is upset. I didn’t mean to hurt the causes which I myself believe in. I didn’t mean to malign anyone. My intentions were good; I got carried away. I owe apologies to those I hurt and will do all in my power to make things right. I only wanted to set forth real information through the use of artfully crafted fiction. I was too successful and I was too caught up in what I was doing. I ignored the consequences of my action.

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