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Dustin Lance Black Hits Back…

dlb-tReading this morning, I ran across a surprising, and also bothersome story about Dustin Lance Black, being dis-invited to be commencement speaker at his alma mater, Pasadena City College.  This is a man whom I admire and look up to for all his accomplishments and most certainly his personal involvement for LBGT rights and marriage equality, yet, gets told by Board President Anthony Fellow “We’ll be on the radio and on television. We just don’t want to give PCC a bad name.”

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Robbing the cradle? May – December romance?

PA Photos/Rex Features
Dustin Lance Black (L), Tom Daley (R)
PA Photos/Rex Features

The Internet has been buzzing since British Olympic diver Tom Daley, 19, posted a YouTube video in which he tells how, while he still “fancies girls”, he is dating a man.  In the video, Daley avoids declaring whether he’s Bi or Gay, and does not identify his beau.  Posted on December 2nd, in 5 days it’s garnered over 9.6 million views.

E! online reported the next day that Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black, 39, is the boyfriend.  That evening, Black Tweeted “Slept all day today after my trip to Russia. Did I miss anything?”  (wink wink, nudge nudge)  As of this writing, neither man has officially confirmed the reports, and among the accolades and congratulations making their way across the Internet are comments by some who take a dim view of the age difference.  ‘May-December romance!’ some proclaim, although it’s more like ‘May – early August’ (Black isn’t even 40 yet, after all!).

To the nay-sayers I say, hush!  This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  And on this subject, I am the voice of experience.

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‘8 The Play’ in Long Beach- One night only!


Produced in Association with Broadway Producer Michael Butler (HAiR) and Michael Butler Entertainment Group, Civic Leaders and Star-Studded Cast Join Nationwide Production of Landmark Marriage Equality Play by Oscar-Winning Screenwriter of Milk & J. Edgar

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Brad Pitt joins all-star cast for read-through of Prop 8 play; Watch the reading streamed live for free!

If you’re not in LA for the West Coast reading of Dustin Lance Black’s new play ‘8‘, fear not. The play about the Prop 8 trial Perry v. Schwarzenegger is going to be streamed live on YouTube Saturday (tomorrow), March 3. Brad Pitt joins the all-star cast as Judge Walker, with some of our favorite actors including George Takei, George Clooney, Matt Bomer, Martin Sheen, Mathew Morrison, and Jane Lynch.

The pre-show special with director Rob Reiner begins at 7:30pm (PST), and the reading will start at 7:45pm.

The American Foundation for Equal Rights has all the other details you could possibly want.