Coastal lagoon


This is another great shot I took on my scenic excursion through 17-Mile Drive in the Monterey Peninsula.  I really recommend that you make this trip if you ever get the chance.  You get coastal beauty, cypress and pine trees, and some great beach and rocks.  We even saw deer on the way out!

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Hard at work


Many of you don’t know this but Nate works on QL week in and week out and has done so ever since he moved to the Bay Area back in 2009.  He’s definitely my right hand man and I couldn’t do all the things I do without him.

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Toxic people

I had a great conversation and long over-due catching up session with some really great Fresno friends that I’ve known for years.  The topic of “toxic” people came up, and actually, it was the second or third time people who are bad for you has come up in conversation.  You know what that means.  I need to write down a few thoughts while they are swirling around in my head…

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Support for Grayson.


9 year old Grayson loves My Little Pony! So much so, that he requested a MLP lunchbox for school. Just a few days into carrying it, he began being bullied by classmates- calling him names, telling him to kill himself, and more.

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