Rick Perry smug shot

rick perry smug shot

The higher they climb the harder they fall, right?  Texas Governor Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury in Austin last week on abuse of power charges stemming from his heavy-handed and coercive tactics pressuring a state official to resign.  The 2014 Republican nominee hopeful was formerly arraigned yesterday and it’s obvious his hubris was in full swing.

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Foto Friday

giant baby pin deyoung webified

From the annals of stuff you don’t see every day I bring you this fantastic and entertaining shot.  Any guesses as to where you might find such a work of art?  I’ll give you a tip:  It’s NOT from the movie set of any of the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids films.  Lol.

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Souls of stone

souls of stone webified

This is probably one of my favorite photos.  In fact, it’s my desktop wallpaper, and has been ever since I snapped it a couple of months ago.  I whole heartedly believe that nature has its own spiritual energy.

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Beautiful Mount Shasta

mount shasta webified

So I posted this photo on my personal blog a few weeks ago but I thought I’d share it with QL too.  This was from my very first backpacking trip over 4th of July weekend.  This was at the beginning of the trip heading out of the trail head.

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Giant chess set…and more

giant chess set

This one belongs in the category, “Things you just don’t see everyday!”  The Southland Mall in Hayward, California a couple of miles from my house has this between the AT&T store and Macy’s.  I think it’s really cool and different.

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We have the technology!

we have the technology

I started seeing this out and about in the Bay Area a couple of years ago.  Now I’m seeing them more and more in may of cities and neighborhoods and I can’t tell how excited that makes me.  I love it when technology makes doing business faster, easier, and safer.

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