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Toxic people

I had a great conversation and long over-due catching up session with some really great Fresno friends that I’ve known for years.  The topic of “toxic” people came up, and actually, it was the second or third time people who are bad for you has come up in conversation.  You know what that means.  I need to write down a few thoughts while they are swirling around in my head…

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Saturday night in the City

Random. Fun. Drunk. Enough said.  (NOTE:  This blog has been updated!)

A friend of ours has a pool table in his house in San Francisco and it’s really a lot of fun.  Nate and I have visited him and spent a Friday night just having drinks and fellowshipping a friendly game of pool.  We’ve enjoyed group gatherings around pool table as well and it’s just a great time.  I’ve decided this is a must-have for me when I buy house and, hopefully, have the space to enjoy a standard regulation table.  They’re not cheap but I think it’d be a great investment in future fun and dinner party hosting.  After all, sticks and balls are in our DNA, right?  Lol.

Fireside chat with myself

So I decided to stop in and buy a hot chocolate at the Specialty’s in downtown San Jose that had the MLK quote on display. That blog post and photo was posted here.  I was really impressed. Most Specialty’s I’ve seen are pretty nice anyway but I love fireplaces and I LOVED this lounge area. I had a fireside chat with myself. :)

The only thing that was missing was a hot boy, blonde, blue eyes, in a speedo to stir my hot chocolate.  :-P