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Wendy Davis for Texas

wendy davis for texas 100 days

Wendy Davis looks to be the first viable Democrat running for governor since Ann Richards in 1990.  Can you imagine how much better that state, and the country would be, if Texas went blue?

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Your daily dose of Democrat

daily dose of dem 1

It’s amazing to me that these wing nuts (and by the that I mean House Republicans) keep getting elected to office.  I guess it’s not so hard to imagine once you’ve rigged the system and redrawn voting districts to incubate your own strain of Obamahate.  Paul Ryan is telling the press that President Obama is “increasingly lawless” and Paul Broun, who is running for Senate in Georgia, thinks Obama should be impeached.  Give me a break!  The feckless U.S. House of Representatives has done next to nothing to help the Senate or the President move the country along.  In fact, this is most unproductive House in U.S. history.  They have only one goal in mind, and that goal they have touted over and over again publicly:  Stop, hinder, obstruct anything that Obama wants to do.  They are not serving the country, they are serving themselves, and they don’t deserve the $100K salaries they are earning stealing from the government and the taxpayers.  The encouraging thing is, and I didn’t know this until today, we only need to flip 17 seats in the House during this next election cycle and we can take it back. We are at a pivotal point in our history and in our fragile economic recovery.  We need good, strong Democratic or Independent leadership in Congress and in the White House to keep this country moving forward.  Do you know how much economic, social, and legislative progress we could make if we took the House back, put Hillary another Democrat in the White House in 2016, and kept toppling anti-gay-marriage laws state by state by state!?  Let us all get in the game and do what we can in our neck of the woods to help move the country forward!

daily dose of dem 2

Hat tip:  Flyers were snagged and cropped from a email.

Covered California does universal healthcare right

Since some of the media just wants to help some strain at a gnat while swallowing a camel, feel free to check out some states that are rolling out the Affordable Health Care Act just fine…Covered California.

covered ca road sign

Bill Clinton stumps for Terry McAuliffe in Virgnia

Calling all Virginia liberals:  Make sure and get out and vote for Terry McAuliffe!

Republicans apparently cannot count

budget battling boehner

Un-leader John Boehner has repeatedly made the excuse that the reason he hasn’t ended the government shut-down, like yesterday, was because there weren’t enough votes in the House to pass a clean continuing resolution.  Apparently the Majority Un-leader can’t do math very well.

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Thank goodness, four more years!

Hello everyone! It’s finally official, President Barack Obama has secured a second term as President of the United States and leader of the free world. On behalf of the entire senior leadership team here at QL, I want to say congrats to our now second-term Commander-in-Chief! There are more votes to be counted to be sure, and the democratic process will continue. From saving the auto industry, to protecting a woman’s right to choose, and welcoming gays in the military, (and everything in between) we have FOUR MORE YEARS!!! :-)

Obama says Congress needs to help homeowners

In his latest weekly address Obama says Congress need to him build on the momentum we are seeing in the housing industry.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

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