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Summer Solstice

Tomorrow is summer solstice. It is one of the longest days of the year. More importantly it marks the first day of summer. I remember the first time I celebrated this day.

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Don’t believe everything you hear today…


Happy Canada Day!


Canada, there are so  many reasons why you’re so awesome. From same-sex marriage, to affordable health care, to the constant sexual exploration between your country and  the USA. Another reason we love you is because for the first time ever the Premier of Ontario marched in Toronto’s Pride Parade! I’m sure Premier Kathleen Wynne didn’t need too much convincing to march in the parade, seeing as how she’s an out and proud lesbian herself.

See another photo after the jump, with a bonus song about Canada!

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Nashville Music Venue Fires Employee Over Marriage Equality T-Shirt


Wes Breedwell was fired on Monday from his job at Rocketown, a Christian youth outreach center and music venue in Nashville, Tennessee, for wearing a band t-shirt from Hostage Calm supporting same-sex marriage.

It should be noted, that Rocketown is also a non-profit.

Breedwell wrote on Instagram: “Got fired from Rocketown today. Social media is what did it. So here is a picture to show my support for equality and free speech including social media. Cheers to my friends for having my back through all of this. #sevenyears” Continue reading Nashville Music Venue Fires Employee Over Marriage Equality T-Shirt

Today is National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!

Today is the fifth annual National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, know your status!

Here’s a message from the Centers for Disease Control:

On National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, we honor the remarkable history of gay men’s leadership in the fight against the HIV epidemic. Three decades ago, extraordinary community and public health prevention efforts led to dramatic declines in new HIV infections among men who have sex with men. Yet infection rates are now increasing among young gay and bisexual men, particularly men of color. We must not allow another generation to be devastated by this disease. Together we can, and must, revitalize the passion and dedication that helped turn back the HIV epidemic among gay men during its darkest days.

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