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National Crayola Crayon Day

I know it’s late but I totally have to share this with you. Today is National Crayola Crayon day. If there is one part of my childhood I extremely enjoyed it is coloring with my  Granny, sisters, cousins, and friends. There was nothing like a fresh box of crayons and a brand new coloring book or a sketch pad. I have watched as Crayola has developed over the years, from colors to colored pencils. markers, chalk etc…

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Peep – A Poem By A Distant Admirer

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A Moment In Paris

It is my dream to one day go to Paris. To take in all the sights and sit at a cafe and sip on espresso while I sketch the scenery. But… for now I can have a moment in Paris on a winter’s night Par l’assiette(la plaque.) ” by the plate.” Continue reading

Ode To Pink Cupcake


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Whooooo Is Watching the Casa

These chubby owls I built are such a festival addition to my stairs outside. I loved creating these pumpkins. I know they will be looking out for all the trick or treaters tomorrow night. Happy Halloween!!!ImageImage

MMMMadness …..March Madness Or Mustache March

Its that first week of March, I thought I would take time and give a couple of reasons why I am excited about March:

1. The NCAA Basketball Tournaments start! These Gents play for the love of the game and I love this game! ( with that said I used to play sports as well as a cheerleader in HS and college. )

2. Spring is coming! The birdies are gonna chirp and the flowers bloom and this confounded snow will melt!

3. St. Patty’s day- Green Beer and Black n’ Tans.  Best part …my Creme de Menthe cupcakes. Yumm-o and a Lime Gimmlet Martini

4. Mustache and Mullets !? Priceless =)

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Hey Vanna, can I buy a vowel?

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