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Today is the start of LGBT History Month!


Today is the beginning of LGBT History Month! Every year in October, LGBT History Month highlights 31 different LGBT icons, one for every day of the month. Every icon has a video and bio detailing their importance to the fight for LGBT rights, along with downloadable flyers, images, and other resources. A project of Equality Forum, LGBT History Month provides role models, builds community, and makes sure the LGBT community’s national and international contributions are heard.

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Boulder Pridefest 2014 is one month away!


It’s nearly time again for Boulder Pridefest 2014! Save the date for September 8-14, and enjoy all of the entertainment, vendors, beer & wine Pride Week has to offer! All week long there will be tons of activities, like a movie night, Trans Ally bike ride, spoken word, Yoga in the Park and so much more!

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Boulder Pride rescheduled! Now November 23rd, at Boulder Theater!

Via press release from Out Boulder:

god-des-she-balloons10th Annual Boulder Pridefest – “Out and Proud, Ten Years Strong!”

RESCHEDULED DATE: Saturday, November 23rd 2013, @ The Boulder Theater

Featuring God-Des & She, The Tah Tahs, Vendors, AFTER PARTY and much more!


Out Boulder is honored to still be hosting its 10th Anniversary of Boulder Pridefest after being postponed due to the extraordinary flood that affected much of Boulder County and other areas across the state. Pridefest will now take place at The Boulder Theater, Saturday, November 23rd, 2013. There will be vendors, entertainment and more from 3:00-8:00pm, with a special After Party to follow featuring DJ Tatiana.

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Colorado – Beautiful beer and delicious vistas!


Wait, scratch that, reverse. Delicious beer and beautiful vistas. Well, it would also be correct to describe Colorado as delectable candy for the eyes and soul, so delicious vistas could still work.

Another alternative title could be, The Rockies or: How I learned California isn’t the Single Greatest State and Fell in Love with Colorado. It’s a work in progress.

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Save the date! Sept. 15 is Boulder Pridefest!

outfront-halfpg-pride copy

It’s the 10 year anniversary of Boulder Pridefest! “Out &Proud, Ten Years Strong!” with a full lineup of entertainment of God-Des & She, The Retrosonics, The Tah Tah’s, not to mention the Beer & Wine Garder, Dyke March, and the tons of other activities!

For more information about vendor applications, volunteering, or what else they have planned click here!

Marriage News Watch- RI becomes 10th US State to pass marriage equality, more soon to come

Rhode Island passed a same-sex marriage bill last week making it the 10th state in the US to do so, now every state a part of New England has same-sex marriage. Delaware might be the next state to jump on board, and civil unions start in Colorado and possibly Arizona.