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Marriage is Booming | What about Civil Unions?

Marriage supporters gather at Chicago rally celebrating the Illinois General Assembly's passing of the marriage bill.
Marriage supporters gather at Chicago rally celebrating the Illinois General Assembly’s passing of the marriage bill.

Victory in the marriage-equality movement has lately seemed inevitable. On Election Day 2012, the number of marriage-equality states doubled from three to six because of first-ever wins at the ballot box. This year has been almost dizzying: marriage equality came to Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota within a three-week span in the spring. Victory in the Prop 8 case yielded the biggest prize by far: California. And within the last few weeks, both New Jersey and Illinois have climbed on board. New Mexico and Hawaii seem sure to follow, bringing the number to 17 states (and the District of Columbia). Is the fight over? It’s starting to seem that way even to anti-marriage-equality activist Maggie Gallagher, who recently conceded that the cause of preserving “traditional marriage” was probably lost.
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Marriage News Watch- RI becomes 10th US State to pass marriage equality, more soon to come

Rhode Island passed a same-sex marriage bill last week making it the 10th state in the US to do so, now every state a part of New England has same-sex marriage. Delaware might be the next state to jump on board, and civil unions start in Colorado and possibly Arizona.


Nation flies, but even Texas creeps towards equality

ImageThis is a big week for the marriage equality movement, with states across the country taking long strides towards civil unions and same-sex marriage. Supporters are eagerly anticipating major votes in state legislatures, due any day now.

Here’s an update on some of the latest action from the usual suspects, with a surprise guest appearance.

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Illinois Marriage Equality Merry-Go-Round

IllinoisWell, here we go again, and my enthusiasm is still high for the upcoming vote on Marriage Equality in Illinois, and to think, on Valentines Day! 

Back in late December, I posted something similar, regarding an earlier vote that ended up failing to reach the floor, due to absent supporters in the lame duck session, and now, according to an article over at Huffington Post Chicago, it looks even more promising that it will pass.  There are a lot of issues in Illinois, that put it in a bad light, Corruption, Corporate Tax Rates, and it’s huge deficit. Passage of this bill, will not only satisfy the dreams and hopes of so many people, it will also put a favorable light on the state.  Committed gay & lesbian couples currently can have limited civil unions, and what they want is marriage, and nothing less.

Catholic adoption agencies refuse gay couples in Colorado

We discriminate equally!

Stubborn Catholics in Colorado are starting to get on my nerves. While they still try and protest civil unions, which we’re pretty sure are going to happen, they’ve also decided to renew their efforts in keeping gay couples from adopting.

They’re trying to amend the civil union bill with a “conscience clause” that was dropped last year. The bill contained “This article shall not be interpreted to require a child placement agency to place a child for adoption with a couple that has entered into a civil union.”

Thankfully it doesn’t look like it happen, and when civil unions do pass Catholic Charities’ rule of ‘married couples only’ will be exposed for the sham it is.

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President Chinchilla Calls for Civil Unions


But tells deputies in her party they shouldn’t feel pressured to vote for it.

More mixed news out of Latin America this week, as the administration of Costa Rica’s fashionably-named president, Laura Chinchilla, sends a civil unions bill to the Legislative Assembly.

Despite several favorable circumstances, the bill’s future is far from certain. Costa Rica has a history as Central America’s most progressive country, and Chinchilla’s party, the democratic-socialist National Liberation Party (PLN) holds a plurality in the Assembly. However, the Catholic Church has promised a fierce opposition, and Chinchilla herself has a checkered past walking the line between the Church and questions of equality.

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More from Marriage News Watch


It’s Monday again, and you know what that means. More from Matt Baume with Marriage News Watch.

“A leaked memo urges an about-face for anti-equality Republicans. A civil unions bill dies in Colorado, for now. But access to marriage expands in Rhode Island, and more new surveys confirm the ever-growing public support for equality.”