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Book Review – “I AM CHRIST” by Michael Sherlock

Book Review – “I AM CHRIST” by Michael Sherlock
“Sherlock’s book, I Am Christ, is a thorough going attack on Christianity as a belief system.  The really maddening thing is that he does it so well….the main thrust of the book is a well researched attack on the foundations of the  Christian belief system.  I want you to read that attack.  It is so well done.  Don’t let the title confuse you, turn you off or scare you.”

Book Review – “Killing Jesus”

“Killing Jesus” 
    - Bill O’Reilly
“Killing Jesus” is a book far more interested in glorifying Jesus than presenting honest history. It’s a book attempting to proselytize more than educate.
The surrounding history is done well. When the book isn’t covering Jesus, it provides great information and detail on fascinating characters such as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra.
When it comes to other characters, nothing is held back. The uncomfortable details are shared. But with Jesus he is protected.
It’s hard to recommend a book that’s so biased in its portrayal of history. For anyone who decides to read Killing Jesus, my advice is to be aware of what are true accounts of history and what is selective and sugar coated hearsay.

The Not All Like That Project: Christians for LGBT equality!


It’s no secret that religion has been the largest obstacle getting in the way of LGBT equality, and up until now, there has been no forum or platform for Christians who do believe that everyone, not just heterosexuals, should be treated equally. That is no longer the case. Today was the launch of The Not All Like That (NALT) Christians Project.

The phrase is the brainchild of Dan Savage, where after appearances and speeches he would get Christians coming up to him saying “We’re not all like that” we’re not all bigots who don’t believe in LGBT equality. Eventually it was happening so often Savage gave them a name, NALTs, or  “Not All Like That”.

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Book review – “Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality”

Jesus, the Bible, and Homosexuality: Explode the Myths, Heal the Church 
In this sure-to-be controversial book, former seminary professor and church official Jack Rogers argues unequivocally for the ordination of homosexuals and for the extension of full and equal rights in society to all people who are homosexual. Christianity, he observes, has moved through history in the direction of ever-greater openness and inclusiveness.

An Anti-Theist’s Reaction to Christianity

There are a ZILLION reasons why Christians say I get angry at Christianity. Almost never does it seem to dawn on them that I have legitimate things to be angry about. So this is meant to, in part, remedy that. Many of these items discuss my stance on Christianity as it is currently popularly practiced, not just how it SHOULD be practiced according to you, personally (that would be impossible, as no two Christians I have met have the same stance on all aspects of “correct” Christianity). I think there is a connection between Christianity and these things, although there may be some debate — but it should be clear why I am angry.
(just a few to get started)

Godless Sodomites Will Subvert Heterosexual Christian Society

Godless Sodomites Will Subvert Heterosexual Christian Society

A common argument which the Christian Right tries to make against gays and their efforts to increase social acceptance of homosexuality is the idea that gays want to “recruit” others — especially children — into their “lifestyle.” People who know gays and understand homosexuality find this position absurd, but it does seem to follow logically from the starting assumptions which the Christian Right has about homosexuality generally.

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The Pink Gospel

WP_000654I’m feeling especially “pink” today and out of the ordinarily insightful.  I saw this tree today and I really liked the vibrant pink.  It’s a bright and sunny day here in the Bay Area and it made me think of a half-baked idea I had for a blog a long time ago.  It’s part sermon and part queer, which is an odd combination for me in my writing (I think) so I’ve never actually written it.  Here it is today though in all it’s Pink and True glory.

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Should Atheists Shut Up and Stop Upsetting Christians?

Should nonbelievers, skeptics, and atheists simply sit down and shut up lest the poor, sensitive Christians feel offended that anyone would dare challenge or criticize their beliefs? There has been an increasing number of people, including some prominent liberal pundits, who have basically been calling for that to happen. They want more Christians to vote for Democratic candidates and think that the presence of vocal atheists is too off-putting.