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Sandy Hook Family

In honor of the 26 lives that were lost at Sandy Hook Elementary one year ago today.  You can click on the graphic to make the jump.


This is a real coloring book.

Ted Cruz, get ‘em while they’re young! Also known as “Get them before they develop cognitive reasoning and critical thinking and realize I’m bat-shit loco!”

Thanks Gawker, for letting us know this is a real thing. 

New study finds Parent’s relationship most impactful on kids, not their sexual orientation

Gay-Happy-FamilyHey, well now look at this. A study from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and University of Virginia has found that the sexual orientation of an adopted child’s parents isn’t what matters most when raising a child, but rather how the parents worth together is most important.

The study compared  gay, straight, and lesbian couples who had all adopted a child within a few weeks of being born after they’d been parents for three years. The study observed how the couples divided labor, with straight couples defaulting to more traditional roles, and same-sex couples shared the childcare more equally. It was found this difference in childcare did not have any impact on behavioral problems in the children.

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“My daughter is not a princess”

My daughter is not a princess.

She hates pink. She doesn’t like things that sparkle and has no interest in dresses or skirts, in flowers and lace.

She wears dark blue skinny jeans and a teal shirt emblazoned with a Tyrannosaurus Rex in sunglasses playing an electric guitar. She covers her messy, short, brown hair with a black and gray stocking cap and her favorite shoes are high tops that are a vibrant mix of black, blue, yellow and orange.

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The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad!

Ban same-sex marriage! Otherwise parents will stop loving their kids and all heteros will be forced to get divorced! Watch the fun bit of satire below.

Paid for by the people whose lives are ruined whenever other people are treated equally.”