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AZ’s “Build that dang fence!” Sheriff outed, accused

Pinal County, Arizona – Sheriff Paul Babeu has found himself in hot water as he prepares a run for Congress.

Accusations that he threatened an ex-boyfriend, a Mexican national, with deportation if he didn’t sign an agreement which required he not reveal that he and Babeu had been in a relationship, have been denied by the Arizona Sheriff.

Babeu was the Sheriff seen walking with John McCain in the now infamous “just build the dang fence!” ad.  It was noted at the time that Babeu was the Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, which does not border Mexico at any point, and is north of Tucson.  He and McCain were in another county filming, using the border fence as a backdrop for the campaign ad.

Babeu held a news conference Saturday, February 18, to address the story and accusations reported in the Phoenix New Times.  That story here. In the news conference, he acknowledges being gay, and denies threatening the former boyfriend.   See the New Times articles for more details about the Sheriff, the ex, the lawyers, and the attempts to salvage the political prospects of a up-to-now rising star in Arizona Republican circles.

My interest in this story is not the Sheriff’s political future, or his right-wing, conservative views.  I’m much more interested in why he hasn’t deleted his Adam4Adam profile!

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