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Difference of Day and Night

It’s amazing how the energy of a building can change with day or night. A Julia Morgan building apart of UC Berkeley.

University of California, Berkeley made a You Can Play video!

Cal administrators, coaches and student-athletes come together to say “If you can play, you can play!” I’m a little surprised we haven’t seen this video from Cal sooner, being such a progressive, liberal school and all. However it’s still a heartfelt video and should be watched! Go Bears!

Urban wall art

Another shot from Berkeley.  You can click the image to enlarge…

Take a load off your feet

I worked out in Berkeley today and this random bench caught my eye. :-)

Berkeley to consider declaring Bisexual Pride Day

BERKELEY, Calif.—Berkeley could become the nation’s first city to officially proclaim Bisexual Pride Day and accommodate a group that often complains of exclusion from gay rights celebrations.

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