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New dating site launched, WestboroMingle.com!

Now with Westboro Mingle, you can find your partner in God and in Hate!

To see what the site really looks like, you have to continue after the jump! :-p

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Tebow avoids controversial First Baptist of Dallas

ImageTim Tebow was scheduled to speak at First Baptist in Dallas, celebrating the completion of their gigantic $130 million construction campaign. Tweeting about “new information” he had received, Tebow pulled out of the engagement. While he didn’t specify, Tebow was probably referring to the controversial homophobia of the church and its leader, Robert Jeffress.

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A message from Eric Harrison

I received this update from Eric Harrison, formerly of Love Honor Cherish, and I thought I’d pass it along for our readers.  I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

Spring  is here! A time of new beginnings. It’s also the time of the year that I’m  anxiously anticipating blowing out the candles again, especially as I’m about  to turn 35. The years go by all too fast as loved ones pass on, metabolisms  slow down and the world evolves rapidly around us.

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Jimmy Carter Endorses Marriage Equality!

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jimmy Carter once again expressed pro-gay sentiments while simultaneously promoting his book about the Bible. He said:

Homosexuality was well known in the ancient world, well before Christ was born and Jesus never said a word about homosexuality. In all of his teachings about multiple things -– he never said that gay people should be condemned. I personally think it is very fine for gay people to be married in civil ceremonies.

This is exciting! Here is someone who has written a book with a religious theme, serves as a Sunday School teacher (though he separated himself from the Southern Baptists over their treatment of and beliefs about women…also a very good thing), and is a former president is unequivocally supporting us. What a nice way to bridge the gap between the Christians and the LGBT community.  I’m not sure how much impact it will have in the long run as I suspect the Christian community will respond by saying his is deluded and living in sin, and his views do not represent them.

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