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Queer hip hop party in SF (updated)


Last month I had a chance to take in the queer hip hop dance party Swagger Like Us at El Rio in San Francisco.  I had an amazing time and I’ve been meaning to give it a shout out for weeks now and I realized today that a month has passed and it’s time for another party today, Sunday, November 3, beginning at 3pm!

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Deaf Night Out in Walnut Creek

Here’s a cool and inclusive event that you don’t see every day.  You can click on the graphic to enlarge the flyer.  I’ve also posted this web flyer on our Events page.  If you have a gay event that you’d like promoted on QL just send it to me at mike@queerlandia.com or Nathan at nathan@queerlandia.com for consideration.  Thanks and Happy Hump Day!

Deaf Night Out Walnut Creek

Very cool rainbow colored graphic

I saw this today while browsing the Cantu Queer Center web page today.  The Queer Center is the GLBTI Center on campus at UC Santa Cruz.  I’ve actually never seen this spelled out like this before and I wonder if some student just created it or if it has some “official” gay history to it.  I think I need to find out.  At any rate it’s a really cool and I thought I’d post it.

Follow the “Follow the Rainbow” Blog Hop

This weekend, from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th of August, the new Queer Lit-oriented site Rainbow Book Reviews is hosting a Blog Hop fêteing GLBTQ literature and the people who write it.  Authors (including this one) will ruminate on the question, “What does writing GLBTQ literature mean to me?,” and Rainbow Book Reviews, several GLBTQ publishers, and individual authors (including this one) are handing out goodies.  So hop around a bit this weekend.  Support a new queer site; meet some queer writers; make a friend, become a fan, or win a prize!

What does it all mean to me?  Read my post about cowboys, coming out of the closet, and your very own awesomeness here.  And if you got something to say, say it: a lucky commenter will be chosen at random to win a $20 gift card to Amazon.com.

Drag queen super heros

Confronting head-on the issues of our time through humor, Jeza and the Belles is a Comedic / Sci-Fi Web Series. The stories center around three Drag Queen sisters who are empowered with Super Hero abilities upon wearing special fashion accessories. The Belles are charged by Galactic Queen Eusta to clean up planet earth of its rampant evil lest she have no choice but to destroy our planet.


Record setting weekend!

Happy Monday everyone!  I just wanted to give a quick shout out and share some great news with everyone.  We had a record-setting weekend with over 2,000 hits Saturday and Sunday.  That is by far our biggest weekend since we started Project Q back in January.  We’re very excited about our growing audience and we’re having a lot of fun bringing you our unique brand of news and information…

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