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Thailand’s White Temple: A Must Go


Hey everyone, a bit of a different post today! There is a place in Thailand I recently came across in my studies for art class. I found Thailand’s White Buddhist Temple, which was built in 1997 by Chalermchai Kositpipat. The artist is a very devout Buddhist but wants to re-see art for the modern world. Even before you enter the temple you’ll come across red skulls on traffic cones that emphasis a mystic feel. The temples website reads: Continue reading

Phoenix Art Museum has got it going on!


Last weekend I took a quick get-away weekend vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. I know what you’re thinking, Phoenix  of all places?! Well, let me tell you, I would do it again. And a big reason for that is the Phoenix Art Museum! Coming from the Bay Area, I would put the Phoenix Art Museum right up there with SFMOMA and the de Young museum!
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Sliced Glass Art



Hope everyone is doing well! Today I thought I’d share with you all something a bit more fun. Loren Stump is a California native artist known for his beautiful stained glass art work. He began his work over 40 years ago and in 1993 discovered his love for glass in molten form. He is self taught, believe it or not, and has a amazing series of sliced glass pieces. He works in a style called murrine, which consist of melting many rods of class together. When sliced they reveal portraits or “paintings.” His works have appeared all over the world. You can find his works at the Corning Museum of Glass, The Ertz Israel Museum, and the Kyokei Fujita Glass Museum. Or just see below for these amazing works.

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National Crayola Crayon Day

I know it’s late but I totally have to share this with you. Today is National Crayola Crayon day. If there is one part of my childhood I extremely enjoyed it is coloring with my  Granny, sisters, cousins, and friends. There was nothing like a fresh box of crayons and a brand new coloring book or a sketch pad. I have watched as Crayola has developed over the years, from colors to colored pencils. markers, chalk etc…

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Do you have an emergency? These guys can help!


Are you having a bad day? Do you need someone to tell you they love you? Did you just realize you don’t have the majestic music of Hall & Oates on your phone or media player? What you have right now is a HALL & OATES EMERGENCY! Lucky for you there is the Hall & Oates Emergency Hotline for all of your Hall & Oates emergency needs! They will remind you your kiss is on their list! Just pick up your phone and call 719-26-OATES! That’s 719-266-2837! Call now!


So call now to get happy and get groovy! You’ll be glad you did just like this guy!


Seriously though, it’s just so difficult to be in a bad mood when listening to these guys. And if you’re in a real emergency, well obviously call 911. Now listen to  their “best of” album below or face the wrath of 1970’s.


Nationalists Rioters Set Fire to Rainbow Art Installation


The Independence Day March in Warsaw, Poland erupted into violence, where 15,000 rioters destroyed everything in their path, including a rainbow art installation which ironically, symbolized diversity and tolerance. The nationalist and neo-Nazi groups the National-Radical Camp and the All-Polish Youth are responsible for the madness violence that ensued. All-Polish Youth has been declared an anti-gay hate group by the UN, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

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