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Sad But True | Dead Gay Teen’s Organ Donation Rejected

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Share your life….unless you’re gay.

Personally, I think it’s rather noteworthy in the first place, that any teen (gay or not) has the forethought to be an organ donor.    Such was the case for  A.J. Betts, a 16-year-old Iowan who committed suicide after a year and a half of ceaseless bullying on account of his orientation.

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Chris Kluwe to sue Vikings for investigation findings

chrisKluweSince the news first came out that Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe was fired, it was immediately thought to be because of his outspoken LGBT stance. The Minnesota Vikings then hired Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson and former U.S. Justice Department attorney Chris Madel to do an independent investigation to see if there was credibility to that claim.  Now, six months after the start of the investigation, the report is finished and in the hands of the Vikings.

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Man plants rainbow flag on Uganda’s highest peak, challenges President to take it down


Neal Gottlieb, an activist who lives in Sausalito, California, took protesting against Uganda’s anti-gay laws to a higher level when he climbed the nation’s highest peak and challenged Uganda’s President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to take it down.

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Saturday Cartoons | Not always taken lightly

I was just going thru my files this morning, ya know, the kind of morning just slowly waking up, having coffee and not too worried about anything in particular.  However, I did run across these, and the question is, funny or something to get fired up about?

By Ryan Grant Long
By Ryan Grant Long

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Moscow’s largest gay club closes its doors after gunfire and poison gas attacks.


Amidst a series of violent anti-gay attacks, The Central Station, Moscow’s largest LGBT club, has closed their doors for good, reports Gay Star News. The club was the victim of what seemed to be an attack campaign, suffering over 20 attacks including poison gas, gunshots outside the venue, and even having  their roof taken dismantled and property stolen.

On his VK page (the Russian equivalent of Facebook), Central Station’s CEO Andrei Lischinsky said he’s tired of ‘fighting’ and will let the place go.

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NBC’s Bob Costas will not ignore Russia’s anti-gay laws during Sochi coverage

Bob Costas, whom much of you know (I know you sports gays are out there) as his role as announcer for Sunday Night Football, will be doing the primetime coverage for the Sochi Olympics for NBC. 

Because he said that he was more interested in interviewing Vladimir Putin than commentating on the games, some took that to mean he would avoid talking about anti-gay law on air. Now he assures us, that is not the case. Via HuffPo:


That comment, Costas said Tuesday, was misinterpreted by some to suggest that he would avoid discussion of the widely condemned law banning gay “propaganda.”

“If Putin doesn’t drag his butt into the studio, then we’ll talk about it without him,” Costas said during an Olympics press preview. “But if he shows up, we’d rather talk to him. Wouldn’t you rather hear it from the horse’s mouth? I would. That’s what I was trying to say.”

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Billionaire Richard Branson urges boycott of Uganda over passage of anti-gay legislation.

If you haven’t heard Uganda finally passed their anti-gay law, making being gay punishable by life in prison. Much of the civilized world has been in an uproar over this, and now we have powerful billionaires like Richard Branson calling to boycott Uganda until things change. He posted the following statement on his website.


“Ugandan MPs have passed a new law making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. The law also means people who do not report gay people can be sent to prison.

I have been courted by various people and government officials to do business in Uganda.  I was seriously considering it.

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Lockheed Martin drops support to Boy Scouts over anti-gay stance!


It has been some time since we’ve last heard about someone pulling their support from the Boy Scouts, however that streak is broken with Defense and Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin! Not to be confused with Stark Industries (however they do much of the same things), they put out a statement saying they will not support a nonprofit that does not support their commitment to diversity.

Lockheed Martin spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the company decided it will not support nonprofit organizations that do not align with its corporate policies or commitment to diversity. The company did not disclose how much it has contributed to the Boy Scouts.

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Meet Joe Rogan | Same sex marriage foes are ‘weak-*ss b*tches posing as men’

Joe-Rogan-ExperienceIf you’re like me, it’s most likely (unless you live under a rock), that you’ve heard some form of homophobic banter coming from either  relatives, classmates, fellow workers, and especially far-right anti-gay religions, often affiliated with anti-gay so-called christian organizations, regarding gays getting or wanting to get married.  It seems like it will never end.  So, in a form of a strike back, Joe Rogan had a few words to say…

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Cardinal Dolan | More RCC Spin

Frank Semanski - AP
Frank Semanski – AP

New York’s Cardinal Dolan gives his spin again on Meet the Press this Sunday, and I couldn’t help myself, but I just felt a need to point it out, since, as I’ve posted before, he’s not my favorite LBGT advocate.  The interesting eye-rolling part of the upcoming interview is near the end.

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