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It’s not often I come across a word that I’ve never heard or seen before.  I’m a little bit of a wordsmith and I have been all of my life.  Studying the vocabulary words for the SAT in high school was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life.  I liked Scrabble a lot when I was growing up too.  Anyway, I came across a word yesterday that I had to stop and take note of because I’d never seen it before.  The word was serodiscordant.  I looked up on Dictionary.com and this is what I found…

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2014 | Resolutions if any consider this one.

love_is_love_by_joseljl-d6sp4cw11082013_0440Wow, another year has passed, and for the most part, the partying is over.  I had a good time New Years Eve, with a small group of friends, we welcomed in the new year.  In one part of the evening we did get into a discussion about sex (what else do 6 college aged guys talk about?), and with that came the topic of AIDS and HIV.  I found it incredible, that a few of them had a very casual attitude toward the topic, and what I questioned was why?

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World Aids Day | December 1, 2013

CHVRCHES, one of the biggest breakout acts of 2013, have released a video PSA in support of #MusicFightsAIDS, a major new campaign from Lifebeat; Music Fights HIV/AIDS that runs from November 29th through World AIDS Day (December 1st).

New York, NY (November 27, 2013) –  In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1st, the biggest names in the music and media industry are joining Lifebeat; Music Fights HIV/AIDS to draw urgent attention to the dramatic rise in HIV among young people. Continue reading

Brussels- Swim For Life AIDS fundraiser!

Man this sure looks like a fun way to fund-raise! Swim For Life is a swim-a-thon raising money to help combat AIDS in Brussels, Belgium. If you speak french (or are using Chrome) check out their website! Otherwise take a look at their Facebook for us English-only handicapped people.

While the AIDS LifeCycle is great, I think we need to get something like this going in the U.S.!