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Obamacare : One of The Most Important Piece of L.B.G.T. Rights Legislation Ever Passed.

Barack Obama by Jed Knight

With all the celebrated changes for the gay community in the last few years, the ACA (Affordable Care Act) is probably one of the most important one available to the LBGTQ community, even considering the striking down of portions of DOMA and the accelerated speed of Same-Sex Marriage across the country.  In the long run, it’s likely that more LBGTQ Americans will benefit from the ACA than marriage equality or open service.

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Larry Kramer by Cindy Ord - Getty Images
Larry Kramer by Cindy Ord – Getty Images

As I was going thru the news today, I ran across an article about Larry Kramer, and for those who may be not aware, he was a pioneer for the Aids cause in the 1980’s, and even up till recently, he still fights, on the gay communities behalf, for issues that remain for us today.   Now, HBO is about to debut….

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It’s not often I come across a word that I’ve never heard or seen before.  I’m a little bit of a wordsmith and I have been all of my life.  Studying the vocabulary words for the SAT in high school was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life.  I liked Scrabble a lot when I was growing up too.  Anyway, I came across a word yesterday that I had to stop and take note of because I’d never seen it before.  The word was serodiscordant.  I looked up on Dictionary.com and this is what I found…

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2014 | Resolutions if any consider this one.

love_is_love_by_joseljl-d6sp4cw11082013_0440Wow, another year has passed, and for the most part, the partying is over.  I had a good time New Years Eve, with a small group of friends, we welcomed in the new year.  In one part of the evening we did get into a discussion about sex (what else do 6 college aged guys talk about?), and with that came the topic of AIDS and HIV.  I found it incredible, that a few of them had a very casual attitude toward the topic, and what I questioned was why?

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