2014 | Resolutions if any consider this one.

love_is_love_by_joseljl-d6sp4cw11082013_0440Wow, another year has passed, and for the most part, the partying is over.  I had a good time New Years Eve, with a small group of friends, we welcomed in the new year.  In one part of the evening we did get into a discussion about sex (what else do 6 college aged guys talk about?), and with that came the topic of AIDS and HIV.  I found it incredible, that a few of them had a very casual attitude toward the topic, and what I questioned was why?

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World Aids Day | December 1, 2013

CHVRCHES, one of the biggest breakout acts of 2013, have released a video PSA in support of #MusicFightsAIDS, a major new campaign from Lifebeat; Music Fights HIV/AIDS that runs from November 29th through World AIDS Day (December 1st).

New York, NY (November 27, 2013) –  In honor of World AIDS Day, December 1st, the biggest names in the music and media industry are joining Lifebeat; Music Fights HIV/AIDS to draw urgent attention to the dramatic rise in HIV among young people. Continue reading

Wear a condom! Don’t fall for these excuses!

With HIV on the rise in gay men, here’s a healthy reminder from YouTuber Jack Merridew  to wear a condom. And don’t fall for any of those lame-ass excuses either. So watch the video, and warning, NSFW language.

Brussels- Swim For Life AIDS fundraiser!

Man this sure looks like a fun way to fund-raise! Swim For Life is a swim-a-thon raising money to help combat AIDS in Brussels, Belgium. If you speak french (or are using Chrome) check out their website! Otherwise take a look at their Facebook for us English-only handicapped people.

While the AIDS LifeCycle is great, I think we need to get something like this going in the U.S.!


HIV+ Mens Retreat 2013 in Montana

Check out this great event for the HIV+ community in Montana next month.  A weekend of healing for gay and bisexual men.  Stay strong.  Stay smart.  Stay sexy.  This event sponsored by the Montana Gay Men’s Task Force.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

HIV negative

I just watched the most compelling 60 minutes segment on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and all the fascinating work they are doing all over the world.  I’m literally speechless.  I’ve been very aware of Bill Gates and his move from Corporate America to the altruistic work he’s been doing to conquer treatable sickness and disease in third world counties.  This updated 60 Minutes piece I watched just jarred me all over again.

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New York: “Spread” – A walk for Visual AIDS


I received an email about this highly intriguing event in New York, it’s a visual and physical representation of the spreading of AIDS. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest going!

Butter. Jam. Legs. Rumors. What do you want to spread? On this walk, participants will investigate the language and actions of spreading. The group will spread itself like a virus, disseminating secrets and offering our desires to each other and passersby. All are welcome. Spread the word.

This walk holds 12 people and is presented in partnership with Visual AIDS. Visual AIDS utilizes art to fight AIDS by provoking dialogue, supporting HIV+ artists, and preserving a legacy, because AIDS is not over.

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