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Grindr disables distance feature amid safety concerns

grindr_logo The gay hookup app Grindr has disabled the distance feature amid concerns that a recently published exploit could allow the exact location of users to be determined.  Although the feature only listed the distance to another user, but no direction, it became known that it was possible to pinpoint someone’s location using the application.  Concern was immediately expressed for users in places where being gay can get you arrested and killed.  (One hopes the 134 users in North Korea are all secret police, and that they will spend their time chasing each other!)

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Gnome parking

I saw this on someone’s profile and I thought it was way cool. I’ve never seen gnome parking before! Photo snagged and blogged with permission! Lol.

The new Gay.com

gay dot com logo

So Gay.com recently underwent yet another overhaul and since Grinder openly discriminates and hates on the Windows Phone platform, I’ve had the opportunity to join and take it out for a spin over the last month.  Here is my P.O.P. (positive-opportunity-positive) of the new site.

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Someone tell Adam4Adam that’s what failure sounds like

Do you remember way back when Gay.com hastened its own fall from the top spot of gay networking sites?  They redesigned their whole site billing it as an upgrade but I guess no one bothered to test the site because it was full of bugs.  I mean like termite infested full of bugs.  The log-in process was problematic, the chat windows took forever to load and hung up 80% of the time, and the pictures didn’t load right anymore.  The site was a complete disaster and although they tried redesigning the site a few more times, the damage had been done, and it never really recovered.  Last week the popular Adam4Adam site retooled their messaging system and rolled out “conversations” and the thud we all heard was this popular dating site falling from their rather lofty perch in the tree of social networking, hitting several branches on the way down, and hitting the ground.

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