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49er’s player follows up apology with visit to the Trevor Project

 chris.culliver.San Francisco 49er’s cornerback Chris Culliver caused a lot of trouble for himself when just days before the Super Bowl he said gays weren’t welcome in the lockeroom or the NFL.

Well keeping the the promise he made after his apology, Culliver tweeted this photo and “Great time at LGBTQ the Q is for (question)” from the Los Angeles Trevor Project offices when he is getting educated about the struggles of LGBTQ youth.

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Super Bowl To Feel Supernatural Influence

Since this guy is a 49er,

Since this guy is a 49er,

and this guy is a Raven,

and this guy is a Raven,

FSMI’ve decided to use my connections, with this universally recognized power player in the realm of the supernatural, to add a little more pull to that arc of history and it’s trajectory towards justice.  While I won’t be watching “The Game”, I will be rooting for (and urging His Great Noodleness to intercede on the behalf of) the Ravens.  Since so many wager money on this game, I thought it only fair to give notice that there will be more on the field than just hot sweaty men in tight pants.

You’re welcome.

49ers player thinks gays shouldn’t play football, and they better not be on his team.

The Super Bowl is next Sunday, and while we’re still waiting to see what longtime ally Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo will do with the media, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver seems to have been drinking that hater-aid and likes to talk about it.


“I don’t do the gay guys man,” said Culliver, whose Niners play the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do.

“Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah…can’t be…in the locker room man. Nah.” – Yahoo News.

It’s sad to see a player from one of the gay capitals of the world act so negatively to  a some of his supporters. Guess what, gays like sports. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

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San Francisco 49ers join the It Gets Better Campaign!

Just in time for football season, the San Francisco 49ers have become the first NFL team to product their own video for the “It Gets Better” campaign! The only other NFL team to take part in the campaign are the Seattle Seahawks, who joined Seattle’s three other pro teams in a video.

The four players speaking for the team are defensive tackles Ricky Jean Francois and Isaac Sopoaga, safety Donte Whitner, and linebacker Ahmad Brooks. Watch the video after the jump.

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