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AZ Gov. may give in to economic pressure and veto hate bill

nfl.logoArizona, in all of their backward glory, decided it would be a good idea to try to pass a bill that would allow businesses to deny service to gay people based on their religious beliefs. Of course they were wrong, and they have even put their hosting of the 2015 Super Bowl in jeopardy. The NFL has made no promises that they would pull out if the hate bill passes, but their response is still encouraging.

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Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny announces his support for Marriage Equality!

US-DC-KENNY Taoiseach (Ireland’s equivalent to Prime Minister) Enda Kenny has been beating around the shamrock on the issue of marriage equality in Ireland for quite some time. However! Last night Mr. Kenny announced his support for same-sex marriage and declared he would hold a referendum on the “equality issue of gay marriage” in mid-2015, if not sooner, during a function in Dublin.

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