SEGA denies the presence of Shenmue 3

I wonder how many gamers expands smile after a long anticipated update eventually spread in cyberspace. Although not yet confirmed by SEGA itself, but a trademark registration in the name of “Shenmue 3” spread in cyberspace as abandoned hope, especially for gamers who had tasted his epic franchise this one in the first Dreamcast. Console the dead did not destroy their own interest. If you are one among the latest to believe the existence of this? You seem to have to start to bite the fingers and get Roblox on here.

SEGA denies the presence of Shenmue 3

The gamers naive might easily believe in the existence of information that is only because of Shenmue 3-frills trademark registration that he stretcher. But if you want examined, there are some suspicious elements, including the names of applicants who are not in sync with the name of SEGA as a franchise owner. Sure enough, it is certain that the presence of Shenmue 3 is just a mere hoax. This has been confirmed by SEGA directly. SEGA ensure that this information is false and is investigating who is responsible for the registration of this trademark you can visit roblox hack android .

So for gamers who are still curious how the story will end Ryo Hazuki, you seem to have to come back to bite the finger .. Oh, c’mon SEGA!

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