Releases New Patch DICE Battlefield 4 for PS4

4 PlayStation gamers who are experiencing various problems when playing Battlefield 4 seems to be relieved. Because, DICE has released a new patch that can be claimed mengatasai these problems and get mobile strike online.

“We insert some improvements which could decrease the number of crashes and improve the stability of the game,” said Battlefield Community Manager, Vincent V. Vukovic.

The problem that arises is quite troublesome gamers, both of which play single player or multiplayer. Especially since PS4 firmware update 1.50 from a week ago. Here are some things that have been corrected through this patch DICE:

Repair frequent crashes while changing weapon or change folders
Reduce the possibility of damage to Save File in single player campaign
Fix the crash that occurred when the single player campaign continues
Fix bug when accessing PlayStation Plus
Improve performance while shooting an object Levolution destroyed

Although it has received a patch, do not rule out the possibility gamers will still face similar problems. In fact, the PC version of Battlefield 4 release first continues because many gamers complained crash despite having received a patch a few times. DICE itself can only promise never stopped working hard to make Battlefield 4 is more stable and comfortable to play you can visit mobile strike hack here .

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