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So football season kicked off last week and both my Dallas Cowboys and Nate’s Green Bay Packers dropped their opening games and didn’t play all that well.  I’ll have more to say about Ray Rice and the mishandling of his domestic abuse case soon but Nate and I got into the spirit of the new season in honor of a very special occasion.

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While SCOTUS ponders marriage equality in 2014, a look back at Dallas 1981

Steven (Slade) Childers, 1974
Steven (Slade) Childers, 1974

In March, 1981, United States District Court, N. D. Texas, Dallas Division, issued a ruling in the case Childers v. Dallas Police Department.  That ruling was the final act in a years-long legal battle between an openly gay Dallas city employee and the Dallas Police Department.

Reading the Court’s “MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER”, two things stand out. One might be considered reasonable, from a particularly legal standpoint. The other, however, seems to say it was unreasonable to expect employees of the Dallas Police Department to behave in a professional manner around a gay man!
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Supreme Court schedules same-sex marriage cases for consideration


The wheels of justice turn slowly, and today we know we are another step closer to putting the marriage equality “debate” to rest. The Supreme Court has announced they will consider hearing same-sex marriage cases from five states: Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin during their first conference of the 2014 term (September 29th.).

More from USA Today:

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Auto video play is a FAIL

I hate bad web management.  It irks me to no end.  For all you web developers and web managers and content providers let me be clear:  ALLOWING VIDEO FEEDS TO AUTOMATICALLY PLAY ON A WEBSITE IS A MASSIVE FAIL.  I’m just trying to help you out because I stop visiting a site completely when videos play without my express consent and I know other do to.

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We are moving!


Well that time has come to make this all public and official.  We are moving QL to the downloadable version of WordPress exactly one month from today!  This has been another long-time in coming move but we’ll be “packing” up and making the transition for the next 4 weeks.  Make sure not to get lost in the shuffle and join our new email list so you can stay abreast of the progress.

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