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mike martinez spirit day 2014Are you a serious gay writer?  Do you have a passion for all things queer?  Are you looking to find your voice on this pale blue dot?  This project might be for you.  We are looking for like-minded, gay writers, to help us build a truly independent and unique gay media source.  We are looking for contributors who like our mission and want to help us build a thriving, first rate blog.

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The Vatican | Never A Dull Moment

Evil Thoughts? Who Me?
Evil Thoughts? Who Me?

Earlier this week, our fellow blogger Jim Reeves, brought to our attention, of what was going on during the Synod at the Vatican, of which we know from previous experience, the dialog can get pretty heated, confusing, and rarely delivers on what makes sense and sounds good from their original intent.  So to give you a water downed update on how that dialog is going, here’s what the Associated Press is reporting today….. Continue reading

Video round up: Say No to Gay Divorce and Orange Is The New Black says wear purple for Spirit Day! on Video Round-Up we have a short skit about a Super Pac who wants to keep the sanctity of Divorce, and a couple of  lovely ladies from Litchfield Prison and GLAAD want to remind you to wear purple for Spirit Day!

Support LGBT Youth  and help raise bullying awareness by wearing purple Thursday, October 16th. Watch  both of the videos after the jump!

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That didn’t take long

Pope Francis - Getty image
“Wait, can I get a do-over??” Pope Francis – Getty image

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?
CNN is reporting that the you-know-what has hit the fan over recent release of the Relatio post disceptationem, and it’s apparent “make nice with the gays” section.  The conservative bunch in the Vatican are having none of that!

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Detailed notes of Colin Powell and President Clinton discussing gays in the military released

Colin Powell and President Clinton, Associated Press

Today we have another look at history, and what lead to the signing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Detailed notes of President Clinton, Colin Powell, and Al Gore, discussing gays in the military have been released. While there isn’t any groundbreaking new information, the notes do offer a little more insight into the signing of the discriminatory law.

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From “Intrinsically Disordered” to “Who am I to judge?”

Image from Pope Francis official Twitter site

The Catholic Church has released a document,  Relatio post disceptationem, that asks “ if Catholicism could accept gays and recognize positive aspects of same-sex couples” (Reuters/Huffington Post). Seems the new Papi is all warm and fuzzy to the gays, and wants the Church to be more welcoming.

Frankly, I don’t quite believe it.  It’s not that I think the current Pope is a bad guy (I really don’t know enough about him to make such a assumption), but he heads an ancient organization that has a pretty poor history when it comes to “the gay”.  A few nice words tossed our way does not change a thousand years or more of violence towards our community.

Is this a case of the Church trying to have it’s cake, and eat it, too? Continue reading

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