A Great Sermon (by a Southerner!) in Support of Us

I’m not gonna lie about this. I wasn’t so sure of what I was going to hear when I started this video. Would he be like many other pastors and slam us, say we’re going to hell, and talk about our so-called perversions? Would he try to save our souls (because, of course, it’s impossible to be gay AND Christian, right?!)? But I decided to suspend my doubt and fear and give it a listen…and I”m so glad I did. It’s so insightful and makes some points I hadn’t thought of or heard before. And-get this.  He is not only a Southerner (Birmingham, AL) but also a traditional Christian (Methodist). This sermon was a delightful surprise. My thanks go out to Wade Griffith, the pastor, for making this video accessible to me…and for giving me a little bit of faith in Christians…and Southerners!  :-) http://vimeo.com/91714837

I totally disagree with Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Sullivan, founder and editor of The Dish, made an appearance on Comedy Central and did an interview with Stephen Colbert.  While I have a lot of respect for Andrew Sullivan and all that he’s accomplished as an out gay man I think he’s got it wrong about the resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla.

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Very cool Ryan Gosling article at BuzzFeed

ryan gI found this really great post about Ryan Gosling on BuzzFeed today.  The article is written by Matt Stopera and is titled 45 Things You Never Knew About Ryan Gosling.  Did you know that Ryan Gosling was cast in the Notebook because the director that he was ugly and uninteresting?  True story!

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Fraternities and Sororities Take a Stand Against Homophobia

While I attended the University, I was familiar with the GSA and attended some of their meetings, which I found for the most part to be quite useful, unlike high school where there was a lot of gossip and one would feel like they were in a safe room (sadly many bullied students needed that) rather than getting an education on how to deal with homophobia and homophobic situations.

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I heart Peter Quinn

rupert friendSo I’ve decided I have an official crush on Peter Quinn, the CIA agent of death, in the Showtime series Homeland played by Rupert Friend.  I’ve always thought he was by the far the hottest guy on the show.  Then there was that one scene in the hospital when he took his hospital gown and we got to see his ass!  OMG.  So hot!  I love the show and I love me some Rupert Friend.

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University of Kentucky surveys students -Would you “choose to be straight” if possible?


University of Kentucky is making waves again after letting the NCAA championship tournament slip through their fingers, this time for a campus wide survey that asked students grossly inappropriate questions regarding their sexual orientation, and if they were gay, would they “choose to be straight” if possible?

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Different from the norm

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