Police stating in Limerick, Ireland will fly rainbow flag during Pride Parade!


Henry Street Garda Station in Limerick will fly the rainbow flag during the Limerick Pride Festival! Photo via Irish Times

Now here is a police force who care about their fellow citizens! The Henry Street Garda station will be the first Grada station (police station) to fly a rainbow flag in all of the Republic of Ireland!

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Join our new email newsletter

Starting this week, we are moving our direct email list.  This is going to be a big endeavor but it’s definitely time.  Our email list is just too big to continue to handle manually.  We have needed to go back to an opt-in email format for a while but testing different email systems just took longer than expected.  We’ve settled for now on Constant Contact for our direct email list needs and we’re super excited and motivated to get it all done so we can move on to migrating QL to the downloadable version of WordPress.

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Tuesday Top Ten

mdb home

A while back I had the idea of posting a “Top 10″ list on Tuesdays highlighting the most popular blogs over the last 7 days.  I can’t remember where I heard or read about this idea but I’m pretty sure I can’t take all the credit because I’m pretty sure I got it from somewhere.  At any rate, this has been an idea for a while now and I wanted to give it a try.  Click the link below to find out what’s been hot on QL this last week.  You might be surprised!

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Kristin Chenoweth for Marriage Equality!

Emmy and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth did a great spot for the HRC and marriage equality, check it out!

Spanish Beauty Queen Comes Out


I love a good beauty pageant, despite the multitude of controversy that surrounds them. While there are aspects of the competition that objectify women, it also allows for women to promote their passions and ideals. Spanish beauty queen, Patricia Yurena, recently came out of the closet via an Instagram post.

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True Blood: Final season disappoints to the bitter end


This past Sunday the finale episode (titled “Thank You”) of the final season of True Blood aired. And If you couldn’t tell what I thought of it by the title, I’ll tell you again. It was bad. Disappointingly, time wasting-ly terrible. It was bad and the writers should feel bad.

Okay, with that out of my system I’ll tell you why it was bad. And there will be spoilers.

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Violence of the Mind


When Sebastian Youngstrum (Ryan Kibby) meets the older, handsome Max Taymer, (Jon Fleming) a forbidden world awakens in the mind of the young man. Both Sebastian’s best-friend, Gina Claremore (Shoniqua Shandai) and Max’s best-friend Natalie (Jaclyn Marfuggi) know something has changed. With a growing feeling of distrust towards both men and a paranoid feeling that someone is stalking Sebastian, Gina and Natalie try to intervene. But it’s too late. Sebastian is in love with Max and will prove to him that they share the same violence of the mind.

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