The latte salute seen ’round the World


Leading the charge of the Light (Headed) Brigade, Steve Doocy of Fox’s Fox and Friends waxed not-very-poetic, but rather apoplectic, about the “latte salute”.  Upset that President Obama saluted the Marine guards while holding a cup in his hand, (at least it wasn’t a dog, right?) Doocy made his own gaffe.  Describing the scene as President Obama stepping off of “Air Force One”, he firmly planted his own foot in his mouth.

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If I Have Gay Children: 4 Promises From a Christian Pastor/Parent

Hey everyone, this week I have a very touching repost. Many of us in the LGBT community may have grown up in a very religious household making it difficult for us to be yourself. This is a letter from a religious parent on the possibility of having gay children. Its a bit of a read but is totally worth it.


Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children.

I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do — quite often.

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The Census Bureau Scratching Their Heads On Gay Marriages

2010 Census Form
2010 Census Form

So, what else is new?  Just like many other divisions of the U.S. Government, it just can’t fully get the job done.  About a week ago, the Bureau released new statistics, as to the number of same-sex married couples in the U.S., which was estimated at 182,000 in 2012, and now has increased by 38% in 2013 to 252,000.  Really?

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Bootie SF

bootie sf

Nate and I were hanging out in the City last weekend with our good friend John Wilson.  After dinner, the dancing gods directed us to a Bootie, a themed night at a local hot spot.

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PA today- A Senator comes out, and a Rep. chastises the legislature’s inaction on LGBT protections


People were fired up in Pennsylvania today!  Several lawmakers met at the state’s capital for a press conference pushing for hate crimes legislation to pass before November’s election comes around. The hate crimes legislation was introduced in response to the vicious attack on a gay couple last week.

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7 Easy Ways To Get More Out Of Your Workout

I read this article on Bing Health & Fitness. I’m an old school swimmer and water polo player. We didn’t wear “jammies” we wore speedos. I’ve coached and ref’d and am an avid lover of working out. It makes me uneasy when modern science debunks habits and paradigms that were cemented for me as an athlete many moons ago but this article seems to be on the up and up.

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PRIDE debuts this Friday

PRIDE movie posterCBS Films is set to release PRIDE this Friday, September 26th, in select theatres in New York and California.  I caught the trailer today and it looks pretty good.  It’s set in the UK under the rule of Margret Thatcher and stars Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Dominic West, and Paddy Considine.  It’s written by Stephen Beresford and directed by Matthew Warchus.  Click the link below to read the film summary, find out what cities the film is playing in, and watch the trailer.  :-)

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