New DLC NBA Live Mobile

Yep, this is Electronic Arts. Somehow no wonder if there are games that offer them micro deals in it. The title that will present a similar concept is NBA Live Mobile.

In the near future, this game will soon offer purchase options for certain items. “Starting next week, gamers are given the option to buy coins through Sticker Shop, which allows them to have the ability to access new packs and related content more quickly,” EA said on its official blog.

However, gamers who do not want to spend more money can open the same content through a normal process. “You can play to get it through coins gained from the game, or you can buy coins to get it instantly,” added EA.

As it is known that NBA Live Mobile unlimited coins itself is not a free-to-play game. Games released specifically for Xbox One and Xbox 360 are sold at a price that is only slightly cheaper than the game in general.

Although it will include micro transactions, PopCap keeps releasing content updates for the game for free. In the future, PopCap plans to launch Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on PC. Unfortunately until now there has been no confirmation of exact date.

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