Modder Teenagers Recruited Skyrim Bungie Studios

How many of you – the gamer Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is still remembered with the word “Falskaar”? Mod this one does not count special, especially when compared with a myriad of other mod that is able to offer visualization and gameplay mechanics difference significantly. However, the background story Falskaar was interesting to follow. Developed by a 19-year-old named Alexander J. Velicky for more than one year, the project offers 25 hours of extra content with more than 100 people contribute in it. Velicky itself is “offering” Falskaar not a mod, but the evidence and serious job application for admission to Bethesda. A dream come true, but deviated from the original purpose and get madden mobile.

Falskaar proved unsuccessful evocative Bethesda Softworks to employ Velicky as a project team member for any middle game they develop. However, another giant developers were interested by mod gigantic project that has been developed by Velicky. In his post in the forum Bethesda, Velicky thanked profusely for all those who had helped him in ways as simple as like videos, share news, using a mod which he did, to send feeback to Falskaar discussed by major gaming media. Thanks to this, he is now able to get a position as a developer stay for Bungie Studios. He was rumored to be involved in the project Destiny which now is central to the focus of madden mobile. Wow!
Velicky effort and hard work paid off. Although not managed to attract Bethesda Studios, but the mod Skyrim – Falskaar he developed earned him the developer remains in another giant company – Bungie Studios.

To inspire other modder, Velicky also asked them to never be afraid to try, especially regarding efforts to get into the game industry was over as early as possible. Commitment is what ultimately makes him ogled by Bungie. Velicky also admitted that he was not actually a dream to work in a giant class developer Bungie and will be ignored. But who thought that madden mobile coins hack  turns chose to give it a chance. An award which he said was outstanding.

Although it has never played a Falskaar though, but no one is more deserving than a greeting and congratulations to Velicky salute for successfully realize his dream this one. Hopefully lunge Velicky also inspire you – who are interested in working in an international game developers and dreaming to get into the gaming industry as early as possible. Salute, Velicky!

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