Michigan lesbian couple on honeymoon in Vegas, home torched in possible hate crime

Twana Williams and Stacy Baker were in Las Vegas for a honeymoon, when someone broke into their home, graffitied the interior with threats and anti-gay slurs, then set it on fire.

The Novi, Michigan couple have lived in the community with their ten year old daughter, and had no known problems with neighbors over their sexuality.

The couple have returned to Detroit, and are living in a motel temporarily.  Details at Huffington Post.

0 thoughts on “Michigan lesbian couple on honeymoon in Vegas, home torched in possible hate crime”

  1. Possible hate crime? Were the graffitied threats and anti-gay slurs not hateful enough for the local police? Did they need to graffiti “This is a hate crime!” for the local police to get it? Or, perhaps it wasn’t a big enough fire. Perhaps the criminals needed to leave fireworks that would have exploded in the sky and spelled out “We are burning down your house because we hate you!” I wonder if the police would have gotten it then.

    Oh, yes, I keep forgetting that Michigan is in the firm control of the repukelicans who are driving it into the ground. No wonder the police don’t realize it’s a hate crime. We’re not recognized as humans in Michigan.

    1. Oh, good GOD! Democrats have run the state of Michigan for decades. So now that Republicans are in charge, you ACTUALLY believe that’s why this happened?

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